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On This Day 27 Years Ago, Wrestling Legend Bruiser Brody Was Murdered

Written By: on July 17, 2015
Posted in: Pro Wrestling History, WWE

27 years ago on July 17, 1988, Frank Goodish, best known as Bruiser Brody died from stab wounds inflicted the night beforeby Jose Invader I Gonzalez in the shower roombefore his match with Dan Spivey in Bayamnin Bayamn, Puerto Rico. The story goes thatBrody entered the shower stall and a few minutes later a scuffle ensued, followed by two groans, loud enough for the entire locker room to hear. Tony Atlas ran to the shower and saw Brody bent over and holding his stomach.Atlas then looked up at Gonzlez and saw him holding a knife. When the paramedics arrived, Atlas carried Brody downstairs to the waiting ambulance, as, due to Brodys enormous stature, paramedics were unable to lift him. Brodys last words as told to Atlas were, Tell my little son I love him, and tell my wife I love her, too.In January 1989, Gonzlez was acquitted on all counts, citing self-defense.

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