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Jeff Jarrett Becomes The Latest Member To Join The #TNA Hall of Fame

Jeff Jarrett has joined Sting, Kurt Angle and Team 3D in the TNA Hall of Fame after being inducted during last nights Impact Wrestling tapings by Dixie Carter and Mike Tenay. Carter tweeted:

So proud to have inducted @RealJeffJarrett in to the TNA Hall of Fame tonight. No one more deserving.


This will air sometime during July or August.TNA Hall of Fame.

Jeff Jarrett
Jeff Jarrett

Should Chyna be admitted into the #WWE Hall of fame?

Porn star. Reality TV star. Rehab Veteran.

Sure, that’s all true. Her post wrestling life has been a whirlwind of controversial choices, bad decisions, and worse publicity. But it’s also a story of redemption, of personal discovery, and of a woman taking charge of her life and doing what she wants with it.

Now lets talk about what really matters; her career in the pro wrestling.

  • International Wrestling Federation
    • IWF Women’s Championship (1 time)
  • Ladies International Wrestling Association
    • Rookie of the Year (1998)

How about we also mention how Chyna was the FIRST WOMAN EVER to be named the number one contender for the World Heavyweight title? Or how she was the first woman ever to qualify for the King of the Ring tournament? How about that Royal Rumble?

Lets talk about how integral Chyna was to possibly the greatest stable in WWE’s storied history, Degeneration X. Far more than just a valet, Chyna was an enforcer, the Arn Anderson of DX, whose actions changed WWE history time and time again. Her feuds with Triple H became legendary, as were her matches with Chris Jericho and her amazing work wth the late great Eddie Guerrero.

Chyna changed the landscape time and time again, not just for women in the WWE, but for all workers, with her physique and strong style. There have been very few wrestlers, man or woman, that have had the impact that Chyna has had, and continues to have, and for all she has accomplished she has truly earned a spot in the Hall of Fame. Let’s get it done, WWE Universe.