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Rey Mysterio Talks Death of Perro Aguayo Jr, Departure and Possible Return To WWE

Former WWE Star Rey Mysterio recently spoke with Sports Illustrateds Extra Mustard blog to promote this weekends Northeast Wrestling events. Down below are the highlights.On the death of Perro Aguayo Jr. in MarchThat something like that would even occur. You always think of the worst injury, but never that situation. In this case, it was absolutely that. We lost the biggest superstar that Mexico has ever seen. There were so many plans moving forward that would have been incredible. When I meet great people in this industry, I like to let them know they are great human beings. Perro was definitely one of them. He was so warm-hearted, kind, and respectful. Just like there will never be another Eddie, there will never be another Perro.On taking time away from WWE and his departureMy contract was coming to an end. I had been on the grind for so long, and even I was out for a long period of time due to surgery, I was constantly rehabbing. I never had the time to participate in my kids lives or be around my wife. So I really thought about it I could be working until Im 43, 44, or 45 years old, and keep on making money, but where is that going to leave me Ive already done good for myself, so I really needed a break. I wanted to detach myself from having a certain obligation. I wanted to do things on my terms. I wanted to rest, I wanted to enjoy my kids. I wasnt getting any younger, and my kids werent getting any younger. I weighed my options, and leaving WWE was a decision my wife and I made together. Im truly blessed to have a partner, a soulmate thats been loyal and equal to me for all this time. Shes been a mother and a father throughout all the years me being on the grind, on the road. Now, I have control of my life and my career. Family has always been the number one importance in my life, and theyre the reason I decided I stepped away for a little while.On if hes open to a possible WWE returnI didnt leave on bad terms. I left on good terms with WWE, so I dont want to say never. They treated me very well, and Im nothing but thankful with that company for letting Rey Mysterio be Rey Mysterio and be recognized worldwide. If the opportunity comes about in the future, and there is interest from both parties, then why notThe full interview is at this link.
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WWE Going Forward with Two Huge Projects on Owen Hart and The Undertaker

Owen Hart

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– reports that WWE has given the go-ahead for two major DVD and Blu-ray projects on Owen Hart and The Undertaker. Both are set to be released this year. The Owen Hart set is titled “Owen Hart: Hart of Gold” and it will be released in the UK on December 7th. This is the […]

WWE Going Forward with Two Huge Projects on Owen Hart and The Undertaker