Dolph Ziggler Tweets About Victory Over Daniel Bryan on Raw

Dolph Ziggler HEELZiggler sent out the following Tweet about his victory over Daniel Bryan on last nights Raw1 day that will be WrestleMania main event tonite the better man didnt win, the best damn wrestler in this business won RAW
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Dolph Ziggler Talks Spirit Squad, Frustrations in WWE, I.C. Title, Comedy Career

WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler recently spoke to experiences with the Spirit Squad It didnt really progress my career but behind the scenes it really did. For about 12 months straight, being some one who was relatively new, less than a year into learning how to wrestle and the business, I got a chance to be in there with Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair almost on a nightly basis for about six months. That was a dream come true and a crash course in learning how to react and how to listen. At the end of the day, I left that year with zero credibility and back to square one, in the minors. Does it bother him that hes over with fans but officials wont push him to the next level Of course it bothers me, it pisses me off, but it also drives me to be that much better. Listen, everybodys favorite cant always be champion, cant always be on top, cant be in the main event, and cant be in the main story of the show. But if you stick around long enough, killing it with an A every single night, theres a chance you can sneak in through the cracks and break that glass and become the guy. A couple of different times Ive been pretty close and just missed out. The reason Im in the position I am, its not just hard work, it is because the fans know that if there is a tiny chance, he can pull it off and he can be our guy. They live by that every single Monday and every single Thursday and thats what drives me to keep going. I dont care about the money, I dont care about the fame, I love doing this job and having the respect of the fans going this one day could be our guy. One little inch and nudge in the right direction and he could be the man. What the ladder match and the IC Title means to him I was a big fan of that white belt, I grew up loving those matches with Mr. Perfect, Ultimate Warrior, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, all those guys. I loved that title, not only did it stand out, it meant that you were the next guy in next in line to be a huge star. This ladder match coming up has a bunch of hungry guys who are all one step away, one nudge in the right direction away from not only bringing prestige back to the title, making it mean what it used to, but also becoming a force in the WWE. Becoming that next top guy. This is going to define somebodys career at WrestleMania and damnit, I hope its mine. His comedy career Every couple of weeks I find a way to get four of five minutes on an open mic or show. Every show Ive done, so far, has led to other shows and other bookings because not only they are surprised and say oh, youre good at it. I have worked at this for 20 years, Ive been writing stuff, trying things out, running things by my writing partner, everything you can imagine. Ive done the homework, just like in the WWE except I havent had the TV time comedically. Slowly but surely thats building up. This last year has been building relationships, being able to get on shows and having a nice back and forth to were they go, oh, we can trust this guy with a couple of minutes. This year will define where I go with it.
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*Spoilers* WWE Smackdown Taping Results From Los Angeles

By Richard Gray

WWE taped material for this week’s episode of Smackdown after this week’s Raw from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Below are match results:

1) Jimmy Uso b. Cesaro, Fernando & Big E in a Fatal 4-Way match

AJ Lee called out The Bella Twins referring to them as Kardashians. Paige joined her, as they’re good now. The Bellas came out to retort the promo.

2) Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Mark Henry & Roman Reigns b. Big Show, Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins & Kane. Bryan got the pin to end the taping.

This week’s Smackdown will also feature live look-ins from Wrestlemania Axxess. There are no TV tapings scheduled for Tuesday night.

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Dean Ambrose Talks WM 31, Fans Cheering Him, Backlash Against Reigns

WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose recently spoke to from a fan and student of the game to WrestleMania 31 Obviously its really cool. Its still like a little bit surreal and its weird that its so regular for me now. Like we were talking about Bret Hart. If I were to run into Bret Hart backstage at a show or if I run by Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper and say hey man, whats up. Theyre like not that were buddies but I have a friendly relationship with them. laughs Theyre just regular people. Like if I walk by Hulk Hogan in the hallway its like whats up brother Whats up brother. All of that stuff is very surreal. WrestleMania is coming up and its my third one and I know the routine. The week is kind of a circus and youve got stuff to do. Theres a lot going on. Now I know the routine and Im prepared for it. Im very relaxed. Ive always pictured myself on this stage so being here is very comfortable for me. Being in the main event on Raw is jarring probably at first but also, from the moment I got here, I was ready for this and was hungry enough and ready for it . Finally. Finally I can be in the main event on Raw. Lets get down to it. It was never to me oh my God Im so nervous, its such a big opportunity I hope I dont screw it up. It was never anything like that to me. It was always like alright, FINALLY Im going to get this freaking shot. Lets get to work. I feel like I belong here.If hes gotten used to fans cheering him Ive gotten used to it to a point. Its very weird for me to get used to Not so much the crowd cheering for you in a match because have cheered for me and Ive spent my time as a fan favorite here and there. But Ive always enjoyed more being hated and was always comfortable in that role. Ive always found my best work feeding off negativity and loving in a this sounds weird living in a negative kind of mindset in space and using that as fuel. I feel that some of my best work has come from that. For me, kids and dudes are like Yeah Youre the man And teenage girls or chicks are like oh, Dean Ambrose and Im like yeah, OK, thats normal. But when kids are like Dean Ambrose youre my favorite and like the kid has the shirt and hes dressed like me that like whoa, thats trippy. Like little ten years old girls are like oh my God, I love you Dean Im like what What What happened to me Whats going on This is weird right Anybody showing me super levels of attention or positivity its takes a while to get used to.The fan backlash against Roman Reigns To me on the whole, its funny. I was in the tin at the Royal Rumble when that was an issue, right in everybodys face but at the same time is it really an issue because theyre making noise. Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are going to fight at the MGM Grand finally. Which sound is the crowd going to be on Who are the people going to be behind Who cares Youre not even thinking about it. You just want to see the product. Nobodys considering who the fans are going to be behind in this match. Nobody cares. So to me, as long as their in to it and making noise, cheer for whoever you want. John Cena has been steadily booed in arenas for ten years. It doesnt mean hes any less popular. It just means sometimes people boo him because hes that big of a star. The bigger of a star you are, the more backlash and hate youre going to get. So, its not really that big of a deal to me.To me, its all like people love to discuss and dissect and people have no idea People really dont know anything about, not that they dont know anything about wrestling, but, like, people dont really know what theyre talking about. Anybody can have a especially in todays day and age with Twitter and all that crap everybody on Earth can If you have a phone and an internet connection you can have a podcast and you can be like oh, lets discuss this controversy. It makes it out to be more than it really is because Im in the towns with him every single night and people cheer for him pretty much every single night. Hes a big freaking star who a lot of people love which means a lot of people are going to hate him too. To me, the whole will the fan accept Roman Reigns. Well, theyre going to have to because hes probably, if he wins the WWE Championship, well, then hes going to be a big star and youre going to tune in and watch him every single week and you can write whatever you want on your little blog or whatever. Youre going to watch him every single week on TV and youre going to pay for the WWE Network and youre going to buy pay-per-views and buy tickets and youre going to essentially pay his bills. To me, the whole will the fans accept Roman Reigns thing is, Im pretty bored with that. Its like creating a story out of That night at the Rumble it was a story. It was a pretty wild scene, unexpected or not, whatever. To me, it was like, I dont pause Im not a fan of wrestling because I care what the crowd is doing. I want to watch the match. I want to see these two guys go at it. I want to see how it plays out.
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