*Spoilers* WWE Superstars Taping Results From Newark, New Jersey

By Brooks Oglesby

WWE taped this week’s episode of WWE Superstars from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Below are full results:

WWE Superstars:

* The Ascension b. Darren Young & Titus O’Neil

* Zack Ryder b. Adam Rose

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By Matt Boone


Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns Kick Off RAW

This week’s show opens up with a shot of the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. From there, we see the footage of Seth Rollins crashing “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central.

After that, Rollins, who makes his way to the ring with J&J Security, informs us that Stewart is on his way to the arena right now. He says this isn’t some Jerry Lawler-Andy Kaufman situation.

Rollins says he’s going to prove tonight that he can do Stewart’s job better than him. As he continues to talk, he is interrupted by Roman Reigns’ theme song. Reigns makes his way to the ring through the crowd.

Reigns tells Rollins to continue, he says he only came out here to hear everyone tell Rollins that he sucks in person. He asks Rollins to continue.

Rollins says what he was about to say before he was so rudely interrupted, is that he is worth more than Michael Jordan. He says he can out-work everybody. He says he can out-work Jon Stewart and even out-rap Wiz Khalifa. He tells Reigns not to let his abs fool him, he can even out-eat Mark Henry. He says since Reigns is out here, he’ll add one more to the list — he can out-wrestle Roman Reigns. He holds up his Money In The Bank briefcase and says he, not Reigns, is going to be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Reigns laughs, and says Rollins had a chance to beat Lesnar and failed. He asks if Rollins is going to cash in his MITB briefcase and beat he and Lesnar both in a triple-threat match. Rollins says he could do that, or he could wait until Reigns and Lesnar tears themselves apart and then beat whoever wins to become champion. He says he could also cash in on RAW, or even later when no one expects it.

Reigns pushes Rollins’ mic down and says he could punch Rollins in the face right now. Reigns punches Rollins and then takes out J&J Security. All three run away as Reigns’ music plays. We head to commercial.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bad News Barrett

Before we head to our first commercial break of the evening, we see Dean Ambrose backstage heading to the ring with the WWE Intercontinental Championship, as the announcers inform us that after the break, Ambrose will meet the real I-C champion in one-on-one action.

When we return from the break, Dean Ambrose, with the I-C title in hand, makes his way to the ring. Already in the rnig, as mentioned before, is his opponent for tonight — Bad News Barrett. The bell rings and here we go with our first match of the evening.

On commentary for this one is R-Truth. Truth is in full cheesey-comedy mode, by the way. Ambrose controls the action early on, however Barrett quickly turns the tables. As Barrett gains control of the offense, we head to a mid-match commercial break.

We’re back from the commercial and we see the action continuing in the ring. Meanwhile, Luke Harper has made his way to the announce table. It’s worth pointing out that the announcers have confirmed during this match that at WrestleMania 31, there will be a multi-person ladder match for the I-C title.

Speaking of the I-C title, Truth, who once again stole the title as the action was going on inside the ring, surrendered the belt to Harper. Harper leaves. Meanwhile, Ambrose picks up the win and after the match, confronts Truth, looking for the title belt. Truth tells him that he doesn’t have it.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Backstage: The Miz, Damien Mizdow & More

Backstage, we see The Miz, Damien Mizdow, the Rosebuds, Cameron and a bunch of other low-level talent. Miz brags, in typical Miz-fashion. They introduce his latest acting work, which turns out to be an erectial dysfunction commercial parody instead of viagra, called “niagra.”

After the video plays, Miz is embarassed/pissed. He blames it on Mizdow and bitch-slaps him. Mizdow gets in his face. Miz says he’s the reason Mizdow is here and if it weren’t for him, Mizdow would be fired again. Mizdow restrains himself and apologizes. We head to another break.

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WWE Raw “Open Thread” From Newark, New Jersey – Streaming Live Results & Discussion

By Kendra Bunyon

RAW Results March 2, 2015
From Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey
Reported on by Kendra Bunyon For Wrestling News World

Keep refreshing page for continuing coverage of RAW! You know you want to.

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WWE Issues A Statement On Hulk Hogan’s MSG Banner

By Ryan Clark

Partial Source: Pwinsider

As previously reported, the Hulk Hogan banner that was raised during “Hulk Hogan Appreciation Night” at Madison Square Garden on Saturday has been removed. WWE issued a statement that despite initial perceptions, the plan was always to take the banner down after the show. The brief statement by the company is as follows:

The banner was a part of our show and was never intended to stay at MSG.

ORIGINAL: Several people have reported (following the Knicks game over the weekend) that the banner raised on Friday at the Hulk Hogan Appreciation Ceremony was nowhere to be found.

The banner was reportedly raised as part of the ceremony but there is no official word on where the banner will be permanently placed.

Here is a photo from MSG the following day after WWE’s live event:

Photo #HulkHogan Banner was not at yesterday’s Game#WWE #HulkHoganAppreciationNight #HulkaMania #WWENetwork #WM31 pic.twitter.com/gIYS36y4eo

— Jorge Romero (@Jromer0) March 1, 2015

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Confirmed: Kevin Nash Set For The WWE Hall Of Fame

By Ryan Clark

A special WrestleMania magazine is hitting stores this week and features an article on Kevin Nash joining the WWE Hall of Fame. Nash was previously reported as a lock for this year, with the plan to have his induction close out the ceremony and Shawn Michaels inducting him, but this is the first time WWE has officially mentioned/confirmed it. Previous reports indicated that he would be inducted as “Diesel”, similar to how Scott Hall was inducted as “Razor Ramon”.

As previously reported, tonight’s Hall of Fame announcement is expected to be Madusa, so Nash will be announced in the coming weeks.

Did you know that former WWE, TNA, WCW and nWo member Kevin Nash has been married for nearly 25 years now?! If you’re interested, you can click here to view photos of Nash and his wife! Is she a hottie?! Let us know in the comments section below!

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