Editorial: WWE Has Successfully Elevated The IC & US Titles

By Matt Boone


With all the things you can criticize WWE for these days, the company should be commended on doing an excellent job in elevating their secondary championships.

If you flashback to around this time last year, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was virtually ‘on ice,’ only being defended on major pay-per-view events due to the champion at the time — Brock Lesnar — working under a special, limited-date contract.

Now, at the time, you could make sense of it, and even Vince McMahon himself did when asked about the topic during his interview on the short-lived “Steve Austin Show” live WWE Network podcast, as he pointed to the fact that having Lesnar defend the biggest title in the company on an infrequent basis made World Title matches feel that much more important.

Fast forward to the present day, and when it comes to championships in WWE — all systems are “go.”

First and foremost, we finally have a fighting WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Sure, the storyline surrounding Seth Rollins, the current world champion, is that he chickens away from ‘the big fight.’ At the end of the day, however, the bell eventually rings, the referee raises the golden belt up high, and two or more competitors end up vying for the richest prize in all of sports entertainment.

Now, move down one level to the two secondary championships. For the longest time, the WWE United States Championship and the WWE Intercontinental Championship, for all intents and purposes, were viewed as a total joke by the WWE Universe — and rightfully so.

Not anymore.

WWE came up with a great idea heading into WrestleMania 31 this year — put more significance behind their secondary titles. First, slap the U.S. title belt around John Cena’s waist. In a bit of irony, it was Cena who really launched his career off of his first U.S. title run, so in a story-telling fashion, his story comes full circle.

So, basically, WWE decided that now that they want to elevate some new blood into the top spots in the company, they decided to put one of their secondary titles — in this case the U.S. title — on arguably the biggest star in the company today.

On the flip side of the coin, when it comes to the WWE Intercontinental Championship, WWE decided to put that belt on the most popular wrestler in terms of the fans — the leader of the “Yes! Movement,” Daniel Bryan.

And that brings us to Monday’s WWE Payback ‘go-home’ edition of RAW.

After being unable to defend his WWE Intercontinental Championship against Bad News Barrett at the recent WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view as originally scheduled, WWE played the waiting game to find out how the latest round of the Daniel Bryan injury-bug would work out. As it turns out, whatever Bryan is going through is serious enough that WWE felt they had no choice but to have him surrender the Intercontinental Title on live television, much like they had him do shortly after he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX last year.

The idea behind his forefitting of the title last night was where the plan regarding secondary titles in WWE remains in tact. The reason given by Bryan, delivered in a passionate way I should add, was that the WWE Universe deserves a fighting champion. A top contender who deserves the right to bust his ass day-in and day-out, city-to-city, state-to-state, country-to-country and even continent-to-continent, all for the right to try and earn what is now once again slowly being viewed as a title of importance. One of value. One worth fighting to obtain.

Where WWE goes next with the Intercontinental Championship in particular remains to be seen in terms of how far they are willing to go to try and elevate the perceived importance of the title.

Basically put, the company can go one of two ways, as I see it. You can follow the mandate that they have been following since this year’s WrestleMania, which is find the most over performer with the fans, give him the I-C title, and try and get the belt over that way, so that in the future, the belt can make the man, as opposed to the current formula, where the man makes the belt.

Their second option is to try and do the opposite. Put the title on an up-and-comer who has the goods to deliver, but just needs something to put him over the edge so he is viewed as a bigger deal than he already is. Names like Neville and Sami Zayn come to mind.

Zayn, depending on his injury, would make a great impact on the main roster by giving U.S. Champion John Cena all he could handle — with an injury no-less, in his first high-profile match on RAW since having his run as NXT Champion in WWE’s developmental system, and then go on to win the next high-profile match he is in and become the brand new WWE Intercontinental Champion.

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The John Report: The WWE Raw Deal 05/11/15

Live from Cincinnati, Ohio this is the Raw Deal for episode 1145. Follow me on Twitter johnreport. Its the last Raw before Payback. Some big names are expected, so hopefully WWE can deliver a good show after the best Raw of the year last week.A limo was shown pulling up to the arena. Triple H got out of it by himself. The Raw intro video aired.The music of Triple H hit as he made his way into the ring while Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield and Booker T welcomed us to the show. Cole noted that Triple H has been away for about a month. Its been less than that since announced Tough Enough. They mentioned that Daniel Bryan is there.The Usual Show Opening Promo Starring Triple H And OthersDaddys home says Triple H, who said thats what he says to his children and immediately they behave better. He thinks that is something he needs to say to his Director of Operations Kane and the WWE Champion Seth Rollins. Hunter said he wishes that they did what he told them to do. Hunter called out Kane and Rollins.Rollins walked out with the WWE Title with JJ Security at his side. Fans were chanting for Dean Ambrose as Rollins called Kane a 7 foot cancer that was causing problems. Rollins summarized everything and when he said Ambroses name, the crowd went wild. Seth yelled Are you happy There I said his name Another Ambrose chant made it tough for Rollins to speak, so he paused to soak it in. Rollins said he doesnt think Kane is fit to be the Director of Operations and told Hunter maybe its time to put the old dog out of his misery. Here comes Kane.Kane entered the ring wearing his suit. He told Rollins that with age comes wisdom and his many years of expertise wants him to grab Rollins by the neck and chokeslam him straight to hell. He argued with Rollins.Triple H told Kane that he needs to get on the same page as the rest of them even though he admits that sometimes Rollins can be irritating, but you dont do anything about it because Rollins is best for business. Hunter says that if Rollins does not walk out of Payback as WWE Champion then Kanes services as Director of Operations will no longer be needed. Kane said that it might be worth it. Rollins yelled about insubordination, so Hunter told him to shut up.Hunter told Kane this might be the place where they amicably part ways. Kane said nothing. Hunter put Kane in a match with Roman Reigns so he could be invested in things.Hunter put Rollins in a match with Randy Orton. Jamie Noble spoke up to tell Triple H that Rollins is the man around here. Hunter stared down at Noble and laughed at JJ Security wondering if they were still there. Hunter said that theres another guy in the Fatal 4-Way that should see competition and he needs to see that competition right now. Hunter booked JJ against Dean Ambrose. The crowd cheered loudly for that. Hunter told Rollins and Kane to come with him.Analysis Theres the typical 15 minute promo that summed up everything over the last month and then put in the stipulation about Kane possibly losing his job if he doesnt help Rollins. Everybody did a good job. They do these promos every week, so theyre pretty used to it and as an audience were pretty tired of it. There are other ways to start a show. A match would be nice.Dean Ambrose made his entrance. Huge ovation for the local hero.CommercialDean Ambrose vs. Jamie Noble Joey MercuryThe match started after the break. Ambrose slammed Mercury and gave him a clothesline over the top to the floor. Ambrose went after Noble, but Mercury was able to cut him off until Ambrose came back with a clothesline on both guys outside the ring. The heels double teamed, so Mercury nailed Ambrose with a clothesline to get control. JBL put over Noble as a Cruiserweight Champion while Mercury was a Tag Team Champion. Noble got in there for a bit and then tagged in Mercury, who hit a dropkick. Ambrose collided with Mercury with a double shoulder tackle spot. Ambrose hit a clothesline on Noble and then a suicide dive to take out both guys. In the ring, flying elbow by Ambrose on Noble for two because Mercury broke up the pin. Ambrose hit his bounce off the ropes clothesline on both guys and then Dirty Deeds on Noble for the win after six minutes.Winner by pinfall Dean AmbroseAnalysis 3/4 No surprise that Ambrose got the win. Hes main eventing the PPV. Theyre not going to book him to lose against two guys that arent full timers anymore. I liked how it was booked with Ambrose as the aggressor early on, then the heels dominated a bit and Ambrose was able to come back to get the clean win. JJ have always been good workers. Even though they arent full timers they look like they belong out there.Daniel Bryan up later.CommercialSheamus joined the commentary team. It was announced that at Payback its Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler. King Barrett did a promo about how Ziggler has a peasant friend in Neville and Barrett mentioned he has a match with Neville at Payback.King Barrett vs. Dolph ZigglerThe bell rang and Ziggler hit a superkick right away for a two count. Ziggler hit a dropkick while Barrett was on the apron, so theres the vintage floor to commercial break.CommercialBack from break, Barrett was in control until Ziggler broke free and hit the Fameasser for a two count. Barrett kicked Ziggler in the ribs. Ziggler came back with a dropkick for two. Barrett tried to charge in, but Ziggler moved and Barrett hit the turnbuckle. Sheamus distracted Ziggler, which led to Ziggler running towards Barrett and Barrett nailed the Bull Hammer elbow for the win. It went six minutes.Winner by pinfall King BarrettAnalysis 1/2 It was only six minutes long and three minutes of it took place during the break. There shouldnt be a commercial in a match that is under ten minutes. Find a way to show the whole thing. Its better than what they did here. As for the result, these guys along with Neville have wrestled so many times in the last two months. They have traded wins so much that it doesnt matter at this point.Post match, Sheamus stomped away at Ziggler. Barrett walked to the back. Sheamus slapped him in the face and trash talked him. Ziggler tried a comeback, but Sheamus nailed him with a Brogue Kick to leave him lying.Analysis Bad night for Ziggler. Id be surprised if he beats Sheamus again, so Id expect Ziggler to get the upper hand on Smackdown with Sheamus getting the win at Payback. I have liked their matches, so I look forward to seeing what they can do this time around.Coming up is Orton vs. Rollins and Reigns vs. Kane.CommercialThere was a graphic promoting Tough Enough and saying that people from over 100 countries have submitted entries for Tough Enough.Erick Rowan entered with Luke Harper. They reunited on Smackdown. Good to see that since they are better together.Erick Rowan w/Luke Harper vs. FandangoThe announcers were arguing about how long the match goes with JBL saying 132, Booker saying 137 and Cole said about two minutes. Rowan hit a kick to the head and then a Full Nelson Slam for the win. It went 37 seconds according to ColeWinner Erick RowanPost match, they attacked Fandango and celebrated together.Analysis It was just a squash match. The commentary was weird with the announcers betting on how fast it will go. Rowan barely won any matches as a face for the last six months, yet now he can win in 37 seconds. Good for him. I like him better in the heel role with Harper. Fandangos turn was done with no plan in mind because he has been booked like a loser ever since he turned face.John Cenas US Title Open Challenge up next.CommercialThere was a recap of Sami Zayns Raw debut last week when he nearly beat John Cena, but wasnt able to get the win due in part to a legit shoulder injury. Great moment. Hopefully his shoulder is okay.John Cena US Open ChallengeHe commented on the mixed reaction he usually gets and then talked about the United States Championship. Fans chanted USA as the camera focused on the gold. Cena said that the United States is the greatest country on Earth and this is its trophy. He said that now hes got a passion and purpose thanks to the US Title. He complained about how the WWE Title is overprotected by Triple H and people wont get a fair shot at it, but the US Title is a symbol of opportunity. He said hell put the US Title on the line against anybody that steps up to face him.Cena transitioned to talking about Rusev because Rusev wanted to confront him, but he went back to talking about the US Title Open Challenge. He sucked up to the crowd by saying Cincinnati is the place to be and that earned a big reaction.Adrian Neville walked out to accept the US Title Open Challenge this week. Good reaction for Neville.Analysis Its the same promo we get from Cena every week. He acknowledges the mixed reaction and then sucks up to the crowd by saying the name of the city. I dont know that he needs five minutes to talk every week, but it happens pretty much every week.United States Title John Cena vs. NevilleThe usual Lets Go Cena/Cena Sucks chants started up as Neville took Cena down and applied an arm lock. Cena with a back elbow followed by a chinlock. Neville came back with a leaping kick to the face. Cena went to the floor and theres the commercial break after two minutes.CommercialBack from break, Cena with the shoulder tackles and the spinning suplex is countered by Neville, who hit a bridging German Suplex for two. Dropkick by Neville followed by a spinning corkscrew attack off the top rope. That was amazing. Back in the ring, Neville got a two count. Cena hit his spinning suplex followed by the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Neville came back with a hard boot to the face that knocked Cena down. Off the middle rope, Neville hit another spinning corkscrew dive for a two count. Neville worked him over with some kicks, but Cena hit a sitout powerslam for a two cont. Neville got a rollup for two. Neville went to the second rope with a cross body block, but Cena caught him. He went for the Attitude Adjustment, Neville landed on his feet and hit a superplex. It looked like Cena talked to him to set up that stuff. Fans were chanting this is awesome as both guys were down. Cena tripped Neville up and applied the STF. Neville rolled through for a two count, so Cena nailed Neville with a hard clothesline that Neville sold by doing a flip. Cena ran into a Neville kick, but Cena still hit the Attitude Adjustment for a two count. It didnt look like he hit it perfectly.Both guys were down in the ring. More dueling chants by the crowd about Cena sucking even though they were also chanting this is awesome earlier. Neville went for a sunset flip and then turned it into a Powerbomb for a two count. Neville went up top for the Red Arrow. He connected. Rusev was right there and he kicked Neville. The ref rang the bell for the DQ after 16 minutes.Winner by disqualification NevilleAnalysis 3/4 It was an excellent match that is one of the best Raw matches of the year. I think Rollins/Ambrose last week was a bit better, so that match still holds that title. Its great to see Cena working with newer guys like Neville and selling as much as he was. There were a few times in the match where it was obvious Cena was calling spots, but thats something we have become used to with Cena matches. I really liked some of the nearfalls in the mach and how Neville did some different high flying moves compared to what he usually does. The Powerbomb spot was really cool too. Having Neville kick out of the AA was a bit of a surprise, but Zayn did it last week also. If we see it every week it can hurt the move, so they have to be careful about that. That was the biggest match Nevilles had on the main roster and it was awesome. Hes got such a bright future. Really good job by Cena with the US Title open challenge once again.Post match, Rusev hit a superkick on Neville. Cena slowly got to his feet, so Rusev hit him with a hard kick to the face as well. Rusev applied the Accolade submission. Cena sold it like he was knocked out. Fans were chanting We Want Lana as Rusev freaked out. Rusev held up the US Title as the Russian flag appeared above the ring. No sign of Lana.Analysis If you feel like youve seen that scenario before its because they have done it since this feud has gone on for four months. Cenas going to win on Sunday, so Rusev getting the advantage is no surprise at all. Typical WWE booking where somebody looks strong on TV and loses on PPV. No sign of Lana. Thats a shame.The announcers plugged WWE Network and then reminded us of matches to come. Reigns vs. Kane up next.CommercialKane and Roman Reigns made their entrances, but Kane attacked Reigns before he could get in the ring. The bell hasnt rang officially yet. Kane drove Reigns back first into the ring post. Kane sent him into the steps and then rolled Reigns into the ring, but reigns came back with an uppercut punch. Kane tossed Reigns back first into the barricade and then the apron repeatedly. Kane threw Reigns over the steel steps and then Kane cleared off the announce table. Reigns came back with punches. He went for a Superman Punch, Kane intercepted it, but Reigns fought him off and hit a Superman Punch. Reigns hit a Spear on Kane outside the ring that sent both guys onto the announce table, but it didnt break. Kane was down on the other side of the table. Reigns stood on the announce table to celebrate his victory in that fight. After replays, Kane was still down while Roman looked down at him.Analysis It was about a five minute brawl that was done to put over the idea that evil, aggressive Kane was back. Of course he still ended up losing the fight like he loses so many matches. Im not sure if the table was supposed to break, but it didnt. Based on the angle of the move it would have been hard to break. Reigns looking strong is nothing new. It happens nearly every week.Well hear from Daniel Bryan later.CommercialWriting Plug Time Heres my weekly WWE NXT Review on TJRWrestling featuring a Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze main event…I wrote about the ESPN E60 special about WWE that was fantastic…I took a look at the ways that Rusevs feud with John Cena has hurt Rusev. Read all that and more in my archive at WhatCulture where I write exclusively for them.Tamina Snuka w/Naomi vs. Brie Bella w/Nikki BellaOh no the Brie Mode song. So painful. So bad. There was a pre-match promo inset from Naomi and Tamina talking about sending a message. Tamina powered Brie with a backbreaker and then applied a chinlock. Knee attacks by Tamina. Brie tried a comeback, but Tamina hit her with a clothesline to knock her down. Brie comeback with a clothesline and sloppy dropkick. Brie with a dropkick off the middle rope for two. Brie Mode running knee attack against the ropes. Tamina blocked it the second time and hit a massive Superkick for the win after about four minutes.Winner by pinfall Tamina SnukaAnalysis It was okay for the time given. There were some slow spots in the match, but I really liked the ending of the match with Tamina blocking the knee attack and then hitting the Superkick for the win. We still dont know what the Payback match is concerning the divas. Maybe a tag match. Maybe Nikki vs. Naomi again. Paige is coming back any week now, so shell be a part of the mix too.Orton vs. Rollins later.CommercialCurtis Axel was in the ring. Damien Sandow confronted Axel backstage. Sandow walked out in Randy Savage gear and hes going by the name Macho Mandow with Randy Savages music starting.Damien Sandow Macho Mandow vs. Curtis AxelThe match only went about a minute when The Ascension showed up. They did a promo about how this is the dawning of the age of Total Destruction. They went into the ring. Mandow tossed Konnor out of the ring. Mandow slammed Viktor down. Axel hit a Hogan style leg drop on Viktor. Mandow went up top for a Flying Elbow, but Konnor saved Viktor by pulling him out of the ring.Match Result No ContestPost match, after The Ascension left there was a handshake moment by Sandow and Axel. JBL was yelling at Axel to turn on him, but he shook his hand. The crowd loved it. The announcers quickly moved on.Analysis There wasnt much of a match to rate. It was all about forming the Sandow/Axel team. They teased it on Main Event last week and it worked there, so they basically did the same angle in front of the bigger audience. The crowd bought into it. I think its fun and will be cool to see for a few months. With that said, I wouldnt mind a more serious push for Sandow either.Daniel Bryan is up next at the top of hour three.CommercialThey showed some Tough Enough tryout videos.Daniel Bryan AnnouncementDaniel Bryan arrived along with the Intercontinental Title. He was wearing a blue shirt and jeans, not in his ring gear. The crowd was hot for him chanting yes in support of the IC Champ. Loud Daniel Bryan chant before he could say anything. He spoke about how hes been in and out of doctors appointments, but other than that hes had a lot of down time. Bryan talked about how he needed to be where theres some energy. He spoke about how he needed to stand behind the curtain waiting for his music so he can be part of a reaction like that. How long have you guys been treating me like something special He said its been years now. Thats why it was crushing last year when Stephanie McMahon stripped him of his WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He said he felt like he let the fans down. He admitted that Stephanie was right to do that last year because nobody knew how long he would be out and he couldnt defend the championship. He said we deserve a fighting champion, which is why he came out here.The fans were chanting no at him because they thought he was going to give up the IC Title. He spoke about how he had a MRI last week, they dont know how long hell be out – maybe weeks or maybe months. They said he might never be able to wrestle again…but despite the uncertainty in his career that makes him know what needs to happen with the Intercontinental Championship. He said we deserve Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose fighting for this championship. Bryan said the IC Title deserves to be in this ring and in this ring is where hes going to leave it. Tonight, I officially my Intercontinental Championship. The fans chanted Thank You Daniel and Bryan ended it by saying he had just one thing left to say Thank You. He placed the IC Title on the mat. There were loud Thank You Daniel chants for Bryan as he walked up the ramp. He led the crowd in YES chants again and then walked away.Analysis Wow. I dont know what to say. Im legitimately shocked because there were reports he would be cleared for action soon and now we just dont know. Hes my favorite wrestler in WWE, so I feel for the guy big time. The crowd was so excited to see him and he handled it really well, but its still really sad knowing hes going to miss more time in the ring. Lets hope he can get back into the ring one day although at this point nobody really knows. That was a legit sad moment even though the crowd was supportive of him.CommercialThe announcers talked about Bryans situation with Booker saying its scary when you dont know what your future holds.The New Day walked out to insult the local crowd like usual. They mentioned not giving Pete Rose a second change, which is relevant in Cincinnati where Rose is a baseball legend. Yes, hes also a WWE Hall of Famer. New Day said at Payback its a 2/3 Falls match against Kidd/Cesaro for the Tag Team Titles. That match will be awesome. Could be the match of the night.Cesaro w/Tyson Kidd Natalya vs. Big E w/Kofi Kingston Xavier WoodsBig slam by Cesaro as JBL was ranting about the NFL. Cesaro to the top and he hit a cross body block for two. Cesaro clothesline sent Big E over the top to the floor. Its time for the vintage floor to commercial break.CommercialBig E was in control, but Cesaro was able to hit a slam. Big E hit a belly to belly side slam and then missed a big splash. Big E with a one armed slam for a two count. Woods is hilarious with his overreactions outside the ring. Another nearfall for Big E. Cesaro came back with an uppercut and then a springboard uppercut that knocked Big E down. Two German Suplexes and then he powered Big E up with an overhead slam. That was close to dropping Big E on his head, but hes okay. Running uppercut shots by Cesaro. There were three of them. Cesaro wanted a Swing, Kidd knocked Kingston off the apron and then Woods knocked Kidd down. Cole got Kingston and Woods mixed up when he said their names. Cesaro hooked the arm of Big E, then got a creative rollup and that was enough for the win after 9 minutes.Winner by pinfall CesaroAnalysis Its no surprise that Cesaro did several moves during the match that made us say wow because hes a special talent. I liked the finish with the unique pinfall because he tied up Big Es arms and pinned him that way rather than a traditional way. The win by Cesaro gives his team some momentum going into Payback although I think The New Day will retain the titles.The Payback Kickoff Match is official AxelMania Macho Mandow vs. The Ascension.It was also announced by Michael Cole that theres a WWE Network exclusive on May 31 with the Elimination Chamber PPV coming back. Its in Corpus Christi, Texas.Analysis Thats pretty random like King of the Ring was. Its a free month for new subscribers, so thats likely why they are doing it. The negative of it is that theres only two weeks of build going into it. I dont mind. More wrestling is good for the consumer. Its apparently a 3 hour show and WWE.com notes that there will IC Title and Tag Title matches inside the Elimination Chamber. Maybe other matches in the Chamber as well.CommercialThis Friday on Smackdown its Roman Reigns vs. Kane where there must be a winner by pinfall or submission.The Prime Time Players Titus ONeil and Darren Young did a promo mocking the New Age Outlaws. They said they werent mocking them. They were paying tribute to them. Then ONeil did a New Age Outlaws like promo saying they were Mr. No Days Off Darren Young and the Real Deal Titus ONeil. Young adjusted the promo to say they had three words for us Millions of Dollars. They did their dance.Analysis I like these guys, but they havent been in too many matches since re-forming as a team. Theyll need to do that in order to win the crowd over.Bray Wyatt made his entrance in the arena. Wyatt did a promo about fear. He spoke about how Ryback must be an inspiration to each and every one of you with some fans chanting Feed Me More for Ryback. He said Ryback shattered his ankle in a million pieces and the doctor said he wasnt sure Ryback could compete again, but The Ryback fights through his injury doing what he loves again. Wyatt said that Ryback has gone toe to toe with fate and won, but he has never seen anything like the new Face of Fear before. He said Ryback might be wondering why him. The answer is simple He was in my way. Wyatt said that the nightmares they just dont stop and sometimes the bad guy wins. He got on his knees to pose, but Ryback interrupted him.Ryback marched down to the ring. Ryback nailed Wyatt with a Spinebuster and clothesline. Wyatt left up the ramp while Ryback led the crowd in Feed Me More chants to end the segment.Analysis They will likely have a match at Payback. Good to see Ryback get the advantage in this feud because it has been dominated by Wyatt for much of their interaction. Wyatts promo was very good like usual. I like the line about the bad guy winning. Ryback was all business. I think Wyatt will win their feud, but Id be fine if they had a few matches just to see what they can do.Main event up next.CommercialOrton entered first followed by Rollins, who was alone without his security team.Randy Orton vs. Seth RollinsThis is not for Rollins WWE Title. Its starting at 1048pmET so they have plenty of time. Orton dominated the early part of the match. Orton hit a backbreaker on Rollins, but Rollins fought back by sending Orton face first into the middle turnbuckle. Rollins with a knee to the back sent Orton to the floor as we get a vintage floor to commercial break.CommercialRollins was in control with a headlock and he was able to hit a modified neckbreaker. Forearm shot to the face by Rollins. Orton tripped up Rollins on the top rope, which set up the superplex. They exchanged punches in the middle of the ring, then Orton hit two clotheslines and Rollins stopped before the powerslam. Rollins jumped off the middle rope, so Orton hit the powerslam on him that way. Rollins hit a kick to the head and then a springboard knee attack to the head for a two count. Orton caught him in his arms and hit a T-Bone suplex. Rollins came back with an enziguiri kick to the head. Then he took out Orton with a suicide dive between the ropes. Rollins got a couple of nearfalls including one after a standing side kick to the face for two. Rollins did an Orton like tease, then wanted a Powerbomb, Orton countered and hit the DDT off the middle ropes to the cheers of the crowd. Orton urged the crowd on as he set up for the RKO. Theres JJ security for the DQ finish after 15 minutes.Winner by disqualification Randy OrtonAnalysis These two have wrestled so many times that they are always going to have a really good match when they get time. Some of the spots I was able to write before they hit them because Ive seen it before. Its still good to watch quality performers like these two. I dont love the DQ finish and I doubt you do too, but they werent going to give away a clean finish here. It was pretty obvious how it was going to end.Post match, Orton took care of JJ Security pretty easily. Rollins knocked down Orton with a forearm shot to the head. The crowd was chanting for Ambrose, but instead Kane made his way down to the ring.Kane had a chair with him at ringside as we wondered who he might attack while Rollins, plus JJ stomped on Orton. Ambrose and Reigns showed up to toss JJ out of the ring. Rollins was stuck in the middle of Orton, Ambrose and Reigns. Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on Rollins. Kane just looked on doing nothing. Ambrose picked up Rollins and Reigns hit a huge Spear to knock down Rollins. Ambrose and Reigns picked up Rollins, which led to Orton hitting the RKO on Rollins much to the delight of the crowd. Kane did nothing. Reigns hit a Spear on Orton and then Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on Reigns. Kane still looked on at ringside.Raw went off the air with Ambrose celebrating in the ring as the last man standing just like he was last week. The announcers plugged WWE Network showing Zayn vs. Owens for the NXT Title from February. Back live, Ambrose celebrated and the show ended at 1110pmET.Analysis I figured they would go with something different for the finish, but instead they did something similar to last week with Ambrose looking strong at the end. Kane did nothing here. Most likely on Sunday hell help Rollins because I doubt they would take the title off Rollins. They want to keep it on him for SummerSlam against Lesnar. Thats the money match. WWE just has to get there first.Three Stars of the Show1. Neville2. John Cena3. Dean AmbroseThe Scoreboard6 out of 10Last week 9Last 5 Weeks 9, 6, 5, 6, 4.52015 Average 5.742015 High 9 May 42015 Low 4 Feb 9Final ThoughtsIm giving it a 6 out of 10. Its slightly above average thanks to some good in-ring action for most of the show and every feud was focused on. There werent too many backstage segments either. During my morning edit I thought about bumping it to 6.5, but Ill leave it as is. Lets do some point form thoughts again to wrap it up.- Once again John Cenas match is one of the longest and best matches on the show. I like his open challenges for that reason. When he loses Ill be happy for whoever wins, but seeing a guy like Neville have a competitive match with Cena makes fans believe in Neville more. Thats good for everybody in WWE.- Solid Orton vs. Rollins match in the main event. I didnt expect a clean finish. Ambrose standing tall was a bit of a surprise for the second week in a row. I figured somebody else would.- I feel like the best program going into Payback is New Day vs. Kidd/Cesaro. Im really glad theyre having a 2/3 Falls match at Payback. It could be the best of the night. Harper and Rowan back together also means more depth in the tag division, which is needed.- The Sandow/Axel thing is ridiculous, but I like both guys a lot so lets see how they do before complaining.- Daniel Bryans news made me legitimately sad. I wish we knew more about whats wrong with him and what his prognosis is, but at this point all we can do is wait it out. I hope for the best for him.—-Thats all for this week. The Payback PPV Preview will be posted most likely on Friday or maybe Saturday. Ill write about the Payback PPV most likely live on Sunday night. It depends on the NBA Playoffs. If theres not a game seven or a big game that night then Ill opt for Payback live.Check out my feature column archive thats exclusive to WhatCulture.Thanks for reading.John Canton – mrjohncantongmail.comTwitter johnreportPersonal Facebook and TJRWrestling on Facebook
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WWE Confirms Which Titles Will Be Defended Inside The Elimination Chamber

WWE has confirmed that at the Elimination Chamber event on May 31st on the WWE Network, the Intercontinental and Tag Team titles will be on the line in separate Elimination Chamber Matches.WWE has further confirmed that the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will also be defended, but not in an Elimination Chamber Match. WWE.com also reports that United States Champion John Cena will be in action, but it was not stated if his title would be defended.
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Is Daniel Bryan’s Career Over? WWE Taking A Risk By Increasing PPVs

By Richard Gray

Is Daniel Bryan’s career over?

I hope not but talk about a complete 180 from Monday’s Ask WNW. We learned over the weekend that Daniel Bryan was once again being advertised for Raw, a good sign right?

Well, as the day progressed, the mood seemed to change. It was later learned that WWE had set a deadline that if he was not cleared to compete this week, he would have to relinquish the Intercontinental Championship.

An MRI last week did not clear Bryan, so he was booked on this week’s Raw to vacate the title.

If you watched Bryan on Raw last night then you know it was clearly teased his career is in jeopardy. We’ll continue to monitor the situation but I can’t tell you how deflating this is. Bryan, one of the most talented in-ring workers of our generation, just can’t get healthy. A sobering reminder of the toll this business takes on the human body.

With WWE Payback on Sunday, the NXT TakeOver show next Thursday and the return of Elimination Chamber, is it safe to say WWE is overdoing it with pay-per-views?

WWE’s business model has changed and they realize that WWE Network subscriptions increase when there is more original live programming. That’s why WWE converted a live event to a pay-per-view special [in Elimination Chamber] that will be available exclusively on the WWE Network.

It’s no longer a situation where WWE builds the monthly pay-per-view on free TV, in hopes they can convince enough people to buy it. Now, WWE wants to get as many people as possible subscribed to the WWE Network and to keep them there. The best way they’ve found to do this is through their pay-per-views, which is why they were all made available through a paid subscription to the service.

Is it overkill? I believe that it is but I understand the new direction.

The problem with increasing the number of pay-per-views is they begin to feel less special and the risk with that is they will no longer be considered “must-see.” That’s what I don’t like about WWE doing monthly NXT pay-per-views. Will what was once considered a treat become “just another show?” I hope not but there are only so many times you can exceed expectations before those exceeded expectations become the expectation.

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House Of Hardcore TV Premieres Tonight On The Fight Network

By Admin


Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore promotion makes its national television premiere tonight on the Fight Network.

The series will be available on the Fight Network in the US (Cablevision), Canada and for Roku users who subscribe to the channel.

The series is designed to build to the July 18th HOH event in Toronto.

Commentary tonight will be done by ECW Original Danny Doring (Daniel Morrison) and Vic Travagliante.


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