2015 Extreme Rules Preview And Predictions

By Michael Hicks


WWE fans will get their yearly dose of extreme this Sunday at Extreme Rules. Every major title is scheduled to be defended, and nearly every match on the card features some sort of stipulation. Here are my predictions for this Sunday’s pay-per-view.

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro (Tag Team Champions) vs. The New Day (Pre-Show Match)


The New Day sucks, plain and simple. They belong on the pre-show, and there’s absolutely no way they capture the titles on Sunday. Kidd and Cesaro continue their run as champions after picking up the victory. I do not think they will do so via pinfall or submission, however. I believe the New Day will be on the verge of defeat, leading to Xavier Woods interfering in the match and the New Day viciously attacking the champs. This would further solidify them as heels, while also starting a face turn for the champions by building fan sympathy.

Winners: Kidd & Cesaro by disqualification

Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper (Chicago Street Fight)


This has the potential to be one of the better matches of the night. Expect the action to sprawl all over the area in something resembling a hardcore match from the Attitude Era, with multiple weapons being utilized along the way. In the end, Ambrose will find a way to win after incapacitating his opponent with Dirty Deeds, hopefully leading to a push where he goes after the Intercontinental Championship now that it appears Daniel Bryan will be on the shelf for a while.

Winner: Dean Ambrose by pinfall

Daniel Bryan (Intercontinental Champion) vs. Bad News Barrett


Bryan is injured and will not be competing on Sunday. That’s basically a guarantee. WWE is essentially engaging in false advertising by not announcing that this match will no longer take place. Expect some sort of backstage segment during the show where Bryan is attacked to write him out of the storyline.

Winner: Match will not take place

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Jerry Springer Describes His New WWE Network Show, “WWE: Too Hot For TV”

By Matt Boone


Famous talk show host Jerry Springer recently spoke to the folks at Business Insider about his new “WWE Too Hot For TV” show, which is scheduled to premiere on the WWE Network this Monday night.

Springer mentioned during the interview that his show will be like The Soup for pro wrestling and will feature him showcasing and talking about outrageous and classic clips from WWE’s vast archives.

“The best parallel I can draw is that show ‘Talk Soup,’ which has been on for years,” said Springer. “I guess the only question I had is: why did it take us so long to think about that because it’s so obvious? It’s been so much entertainment for so many years. It’s a natural fit.”

Springer concluded, “Truth is, our audiences overlap. They’re the same demographic. So yeah, it was easy to say ‘yes’ to.”

Check out the complete interview at BusinessInsider.com.

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George “The Animal” Steele On His Green Tongue & Turnbuckle Biting, Bruno Sammartino

By Matt Boone


WWE Hall Of Famer George “The Animal” Steele recently appeared on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast to talk about his legendary career. Below are some highlights.

On the origins of the infamous green tongue: “Today the WWE sits down and come up with all these ideas and different gimmicks and they didn’t do that back then. I had a couple of drinks at a TV taping and I didn’t want the promoter to know it, so I put some Clorets in my mouth and went on television. Now back in the late 60s – early 70s, color TV had just come out, so here I come out there looking like a clown with a green tongue and I didn’t even know it was green, I was just trying to get rid of the breath and about 3 months later I said I wanted to try the green tongue thing again but just for my own laughs. When I did it again, the place went nuts and the next day had signs all over the place with green tongues hanging out so from then on I had the very best breath in wrestling.”

On how the turnbuckle biting originated: “In Pittsburg back in 1967, they would give away different gifts to get fans to come to the TV shows and on this one particular time they gave away these small little couch pillows. They had probably given away about 250 of them. One of the ladies in the crowed had gotten mad at me and threw her pillow at me. So I get the pillow in the ring and what am I going to do with it? I can throw it back and then have 250 pillows then coming back at me or I can take a bite out of it. So I take a bite out of it and it tore and popped because it was so packed with the stuffing, it just exploded so I started throwing the stuffing in the air and it was sticking in my hair like an abominable snowman, then I took the pillow wrapped it around my opponents head and started choking him. It was Bruno’s (Sammartino) wrestling “cousin” Tony Marino that said maybe you should start tearing the turnbuckles and everybody laughed. Two or three weeks later I go and fight (Chief Jay) Strongbow and even though it’s hard to have a boring match with Strongbow the people just weren’t reacting to this match. I looked at the turnbuckle pad and I went over took a bite out of it and it tore really easy and started rubbing his eyes with that and for a very flat match, we had a riot. So the two things that I am known for the green tongue and the turnbuckles and they both happened by accident.”

On working with Bruno Sammartino: “The whole WWWF promotion was about Bruno Sammartino, everything else was secondary. Bruno was such a different kind of talent because he was over so strong. I’ve worked on shows with Hulk Hogan who was over pretty strong worldwide but nothing like what Bruno was in New York, Philadelphia, Boston and the whole Northeast. I was the heel so I would go to the ring first so the people would go crazy and he would wait and start to come down and he was watching. Just about every time he was ready to come down, the crowd would calm down and they would start to make his announcement, so I would start to work the crowd again. Bruno was in such great shape and worked so hard that you had to be in shape to keep up with him.”

On the feeling of the crowd during a match with Bruno: Fans in Madison Square Garden would rush the aisles and try to kill you because they loved him so much. I still have a picture of 15-20 of New York’s finest Police surrounding me just to get me to and from the ring. They just loved him so much. People in New York were trying to kill me. Wrestling back then was always pre-determined and we always knew who was going to win but we didn’t know how we were going to get there. None of this dance stuff like they have now where everything is so choreographed. We actually wrestled until we felt like it was time for the finish and our matches would last anywhere between 30-45 minutes with an hour time limit. Everything was real so when you are going that long and tough and you are actually doing wrestling it’s very believable.”

Check out the complete interview at TMPTOW.Podomatic.cmo.

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The John Report: WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Preview

John The annual post-WrestleMania PPV known as Extreme Rules takes place this Sunday night in Chicago. With no Brock Lesnar around due to a storyline suspension, the focus is on other stars and the new WWE Champion Seth Rollins, who defends the gold in a Steel Cage match against Randy Orton.Im in Chicago as I finish writing this because Im heading to the PPV. Ive been to Chicago one time before, but that was eight years ago and I wanted to make another trip. I figured Extreme Rules would be a good time to do it. Its not the greatest card possible, but I feel like Im going to enjoy being there live. Ive never seen a WWE PPV in Chicago, so Im excited about being a part of that crowd.Joining me for the preview are Matty J. Douglas and Heather Hickey. Christian Michael was too busy to join us this month. As always, the match order isnt the order that we necessarily think will happen on the show. Its just a format to use for this preview.Note All graphics are from WWE.com. The banner is courtesy of our friend Steve Melo.Tag Team Titles Tyson Kidd Cesaro vs. The New Day Kickoff ShowMatt I love every guy in this match as talents and hope they get enough time and freedom to give us something kick-ass to watch. I loved how New Day won on Raw to get this title match, almost solely due to the sheer goofiness of seeing Xavier pop out from under the ring and grab Sin Caras leg causing the count out. Yet still when I see this match on paper, Im not excited. Theres no story here, and somehow several unanswered questions about the participants, such asWhy are Cesaro and Kidd babyfaces nowWhat exactly are The New Day Preachers A Cult of PositivityWill Kidd and Cesaros team ever get a name Matching gear Better MusicWill Big E and Cesaro ever recover their lost names Langston and Antonio respectivelyNotably none of the questions I have are who wins and what will happen next. Food for thought WWE.Winners and Still Tag Team Champions Kidd and Cesaro because the timing isnt right for New Day but it will be eventuallyHeather A title match has no business being on the Kick-Off Show. It diminishes the prestige of the title, and makes the champs look like a second-rate sideshow.That said, the team of Kidd and Cesaro is in Opera Voice FABULOUUUUUUUS. They have so much talent, and they need to re-build the tag division so that the champs dont appear so ridiculously overqualified for the position.Meanwhile, the original incarnation of The New Day was pretty disconcerting, to put it mildly. I hope the recent snark is a sign of change. I love Big E freakin Langston, and with some adjustments to his naturally-joyful persona, Kofi could make for a cool villain. New Day has no choice but to go rogue. I would love a promo that ends with a super-intense Angry E snarling, Its a New Day.What if New Day wins the titles It may seem premature, and I know I just sang the praises of the current champs, but what a way to make a change Cesaro and Kidd could make a comeback thereafter, and chase those titles again. New Day has a surprise in them, dont you thinkWinners New DayJohn Whether Cesaro and Kidd are faces long term or just for this match, we dont really know yet. I think its just for this match because WWE knows they are going to get cheered by the hardcore fans in Chicago.The New Day have done an awesome job in acting as heels. They have cheated repeatedly for several weeks now, so WWE officials have to be impressed with how well they have done in that role. It wouldnt be that surprising if they won the titles just to give them a little boost. Its an instance where the challengers could really benefit from winning the titles.I think WWE likes how things are going with The New Day, but they can wait on doing a title change for another month or two. Cesaro and Kidd are an awesome team that will get the win to continue their reign as the tag team champions. Being on the Kickoff Show isnt bad either. Theyll get more time this way.Winners Cesaro and Tyson Kidd Chicago Street Fight Dean Ambrose vs. Luke HarperMatt This has a shot to steal the show, or at the very least be the most fun and brutal match on the card. This match is the most emblematic of the Extreme Rules PPV, and Im looking forward to watching it because both of these guys are great in brawls. That being said I cant help but ask, regardless of the outcome of this bout, what is next for these two superstarsSeriously, what does Dean Ambrose move onto after this Street Fight What about Luke Harper I certainly dont want to see them continue feuding with each other as one month is enough for me but I have no idea who you make these guys clash with afterward that would make me care. In a sense, this match might be the saddest on the card. Treading water, with no real linear narrative thread. A far cry from the masterpieces that these guys were a part of just over a year ago when The Shield battled The Wyatt Family. Fond memories.Winner Dean Ambrose because as much as the outcome doesnt really change how directionless they are, Dean should winHeather As much as they can both grapple, I dont see many suplexes happening between these two on Sunday night. A street fight is a great stipulation for them, and Chicago has been home to many a good one. Will they come out wearing kneepads over their jeans, a la Punk/Jericho because nothing says street fight like kneepadsAmbrose and Harper have the talent and grit to pull off an entertaining fight, but I think theirs is intended to be a filler match. No ones going to come away from this thinking, Wow or I cant wait to see what happens next between these two which is a damn shame, given their respective abilities. I anticipate a bit of goofiness from Ambrose if anything, well get to see some personality come out to play.I truly think Harper belongs with Rowan. Theyre like nachos and wine at least at my house. They both need someone to play off of, and neither has really shone since their split. I know I shouldnt complain Ambrose and Harper could do worse than each other as opponents but I really hope they both move on after this. Harper and Rowan could take the Usos spot in the tag division, and Ambrose could chase Sheamus.Winner Dean AmbroseJohn This might be the best match of the night because Ambrose and Harper are really good performers who are very capable of delivering quality matches when they are given time to do so. Since its not a loaded card in terms of long matches, it might be best if WWE puts this on as the PPV opener, gives them 15-20 minutes and watch as they brawl all around the arena.Ambrose needs to get some momentum going, so he should get the win. Im not sure where he goes from here, but putting him in a feud he can win is a good thing for him. I have high expectations for this match. Just give them a chance. It will be a lot of fun.Winner Dean AmbroseDivas Title Nikki Bella vs. NaomiMatt Ive really liked Naomis heel turn. Like I really, really like it. Its without question working for her, in part due to the fact that it makes sense. All her gripes, especially the one about having to compete in a Divas Battle Royal despite having beaten Nikki on multiple occasions, are legit complaints anybody in a company that thrives on competition should have.Conversely, you have The Bellas, who are the second pair of heels on this show to inexplicably turn babyface out of nowhere. Why exactly are we supposed to cheer these two women who have been nothing but awful to everybody including each other over the course of the last year, as opposed to Naomi whose only crime is growing a backbone and becoming an active character as opposed to a passive one WWE logic is confusing.Winner and New Divas Champion Naomi because Im assuming her feud with Paige in June will be about the Divas TitleHeather If they do nothing but stinkfaces and hairmares for 10 minutes, I will call it a mat classic as long as Brie isnt on commentary. Her voice is like psychological warfare.In all seriousness, I want a kick-ass match, but I dont see Nikki relinquishing the title anytime soon. The Divas division is in a rut in terms of creativity, and the Bellas have settled in for the long haul. While I think every match at Extreme Rules should have a stipulation, Im happy to see this as a traditional match. With such illogical churn in the division already, I want to see a logical win after a hard-fought battle. Naomi and Nikki have it in them, for sure. I would love to see Nikki pick up the pace. She has developed quite a toolkit now she needs to add a bit more flow and intensity. Naomi is so athletic, she can handle a quicker match, and the fans will get a lot more engaged if the action demands their attention.Winner Nikki Bella though I see Naomi attacking her post-match to continue the feudJohn The face turn of the Bella Twins was so random and unwarranted that this match is going to have a dead crowd. Theres barely a story here although Naomi has done pretty well as a heel in terms of showing more personality than she did as a face.It may be the right time to do a title change because if Nikkis going to be a face then its better if Naomi wins the Divas Title for the first time and then has that feud with Paige, which was set up when she injured her to send Paige away for a WWE Films role. It will probably get the standard 7-10 minutes that diva PPV matches usually get and I feel like Naomi will win the Divas Title for the first time.Winner NaomiIntercontinental Title Daniel Bryan vs. Bad News BarrettMatt If reports are true and Daniel Bryan wont be cleared to go at Extreme Rules, thats unfortunate for everyone. Sadly there isnt much to say about this match because there hasnt really been a build up for it. Bryan has been mostly absent and the WWE hasnt mentioned much about this match or its implications on their programming.I assume therell be an angle to explain Bryans absence and Barrett will end up wrestling Neville. I hope Bryans ailments arent too serious and he can get back in the ring sooner than later. Definitely wishing him a speedy recovery.Heather I know they may not wrestle at all, but I wrote this preview on MondayWill the recent news of Bryan being sidelined from action mean that he will be further protected by dropping the title to Barrett WWE has shown a continual lack of faith in Barrett, trying this-and-that with his gimmicks and cutting him short whenever he starts to get some traction. That said, I wouldnt be disappointed if they need to put the title on Barrett in order to continue the IC Title storytelling.The match itself is curious to me, given their wrestling styles. While one can claim that theyre both strikers, I will be bored to tears if that is all that they do. Bryan is so much fun to watch when hes mat wrestling and trying different holds and submissions, but Barrett while theres much to love doesnt strike me as amenable to much of Bryans style. He seems too inflexible.The ideal situation would be another ladder match, this time just the two men vying for the belt. It would be an homage to the match where Barrett lost the title, and fulfil the Extreme Rules theme. That said, I understand that Bryans well-being may prevent such a stipulation.Winner Wade Barrett opening the door for a new champion shortly thereafterJohn It sucks that the match probably wont happen. Bryan is out of action for about one month according to various reports. WWE may not strip him of the IC Title now, so Barrett will probably have a different match against a guy like Neville. Theres nothing to predict. I just hope Bryans not injured too seriously and that he can be back in action soon.Kiss Me Arse Dolph Ziggler vs. SheamusMatt Coming from a guy who never really likes Sheamus ever, Ive done a complete 180 on him. Who knew all he needed to do was cut his hair into a mohawk, braid his beard with beads and change his music Truth be told he looks ridiculous, and I love it so muchI want to love this match too. I like the story of Sheamus picking on all the small fan favourites. It makes sense that he resents guys like Bryan and Ziggler, given that hes a big dude who the fans did nothing but crap on during his babyface run. It should be a great match, but the stipulation has completely taken me out of it. It just doesnt fit.Why would Sheamus, a grown man, want another grown man to kiss his arse on camera Theres nothing that has ever been presented about the character that makes me believe this is something hed want. Ziggler even less. The stipulation just feels contrived straight from the infantile mind of Mr. McMahon. This match makes sense with Vince, or Mr. Ass, or even Rikishi not with Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus. Also, why is this stipulation Extreme exactlyWinner Sheamus because its his first PPV backHeather Because of the Irish undertones, I am reminded of the Dublin Street fight between Sheamus and Sandow on Smackdown in 2013. I will never forget it, because Sheamus kept eating from the sack of raw potatoes being used as a weapon. GROSS. And if that was gross, just wait until we see Dolphs chiseled kisser puckering up to the palest arse this side of the moon.Sheamus has to win, because a Dolph Ziggler has made a career out of losing well, and b Sheamus is being built as the Irish-Punk Braveheart. I do like it sometimes a change is better than a rest, and in this case, Sheamus should benefit from both. Babyface Sheamus acted like a dick all the time. Lets hope Heel Sheamus follows suit.But wait, will they actually allow Ziggler to kiss his arse I suspect Ziggler will get the last laugh by substituting the lips of an unsuspecting ref, or the heel of his boot. Prior to that, well see a fun match punctuated by some of Dolphs finest bumps.Winner SheamusJohn I really like both guys, but I dont like the stipulation and I think that WWE has done a poor job of building up to it. The extreme aspect of it is that the loser will be extremely humiliated if they have to kiss the ass of the winner. Will they really have a guy kiss ass Probably not.Sheamus should win since hes fresh as a heel. Ziggler definitely needs wins, but in this case it makes sense to put Sheamus over. They will probably do something where Sheamus tries to make Ziggler kiss his ass in a humiliating way and then somebody either saves Ziggler or he attacks Sheamus to prevent it from happening. They could also have another babyface come out to save Ziggler. Im not sure exactly how its going to go, but Sheamus winning the match makes the most sense to me.Winner SheamusLast Man Standing Roman Reigns vs. Big Show Matt The battle of punches Whose punch is the punchiest in the land of punching things Thats what this match is about. If I never see Big Show vs. Roman Reigns again, Ill be the happiest lad in all the town. Who loves seeing this for the 800th time Theres only so many times I can watch somebody overcome the sheer size of Big Show and be impressed by it. So many guys have done it, including Roman Reigns, that I just feel insulted by the announcers trying to tell me that Big Show has no equal.Im just not excited for this at all, and really hope they have something better planned for Roman on the horizon. Maybe this is the match that Bray Wyatt interferes in to start his next programWinner Roman Reigns because Big Show winning would probably extend this feudHeather This is going to be so boring.Winner Roman ReignsJohn Im very tired of this feud. Theyve wrestled way too many times in the past four months and Reigns has won nearly every time. WWE tries to put Show over as this dominant heel, but weve seen Reigns beat him far too many times. The positive thing about it is that using weapons for the match will help them tell a story where Reigns has to come back to beat the big, bad giant.Reigns should win in a decisive manner. Hes probably going to get a WWE Title match at the next PPV whether its the rumored triple threat also including Orton or if its just Reigns vs. Rollins. Biggest lock of the show.Winner Roman Reigns United States Title John Cena vs. Rusev Russian Chain MatchMatt A brutish Bulgarian representing Russia vs. All American white hip hop artist in a Tug of War and there will be Tug of War over the United States Championship. Its like the WWE enlisted the writers of Foxs Empire to write Rocky IV with a hip hop twist.Chain/strap matches can be fun I guess. Theyve done very little for me in the past, and I dont expect that to change here. Im kind of over this feud to be honest. Im way more into John Cena open challenges except when Kane answers the call, and kind of wish we were getting one of those here instead.I guess Im excited to see if the chain in question will connect them at the wrist, or by the neck. Who am I kidding The WWE fired a guy for choking somebody with a neck tie, theyd never do a match where guys have chains wrapped around their necks. I guess Im not excited about this match.Winner and Still United States Champion John Cena because they have booked this match not to be won by pinfall so the loss doesnt hurt Rusev too much Heather WWE.com used to be a fairly well-written site, but lately it has devolved into a heavy-handed mess. First they refer to this chain match as a lethal stipulation. Okay. So Cena and Rusev are going to be tethered at the wrist by a chain, and the man to touch all four corners in succession will win the match. Does the fourth successive corner shoot a lethal dart at the person at the end of the chain Because unless Russian Chain Match means match that ends when someone dies, it is not a lethal stipulation Sheesh.Secondly, they refer to John Cena being the leader of the Chain Gang as his salad days, which means his youth, but it sounds so bloody high-horse on a wrestling website. Is Shakespeare blogging for them now Maybe Lanny Poffo.I am easily distracted. John Cena will win this match, because…And theyve been painting Rusev as a ferocious chain-wielding threat to the title. Because theyve made Rusev look so menacing, it means Cenas going to win. I think their version of reverse psychology has been so overused by this point that its come right back round again to being Forward Psychology.Winner John Cena though I suspect well get to see a lot of his ugly muggin with a chain wrapped around his face.John Cena will win. Anything other than that would be a major surprise. Theyre not going to take the US Title off Cena after only one month. Hes done well as the US Champion too, so its good that hes holding the title. It also keeps him out of the WWE Title picture, which is a positive.What Im interested in is the quality of the match. Its not that easy to have a really good strap match or in this case a Russian Chain match. Theres just not as much drama in trying to touch the turnbuckle four times in a row compared to a regular match.We all know why WWE is doing this too. They dont want Rusev to get pinned for the second straight PPV, so this way they can book him in a competitive match and lose only because Cena touched the turnbuckles first. My feeling is Cena wins a close match rather than something where he dominates at the end for the win. Second biggest lock of the show.Winner John CenaWWE Title Steel Cage Match Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton No RKO for OrtonMatt Let me start off by saying how insulting it is for the WWE to tell me that Cage Matches keep outside interference away. In literally almost every Cage Match Ive seen over the last couple years, including Hell In A Cells, somebody has interfered. Cages do nothing to quell interference, and for them to pretend Im a moron who doesnt notice these things is a bit insulting.With that said, this should be a pretty solid match. Im not totally invested in it, but Im into it enough. At least this time their match has a build up and a story that make sense. It also helps that theyre fighting over something its great having the WWE World Heavyweight Championship back on all the PPVs.Randy Orton is probably doing the best babyface work of his career right now even though I still dont really connect with his character, but thats just me. Seths run as the weasel-like Champ has worked out perfectly to this point. That being said, the impending match between he and Kane has me wishing that Seth Rollins and Randy Orton never stop feuding, something I never thought Id say.I will say that other than the Roman Reigns/Big Show match, this match is most likely to feature some Bray Wyatt shenanigans that set up his next feud. He will interfere in one of these bouts, mark my words or forget them if Im wrongWinner and Still WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins because his Championship run is just beginningHeather I would like to see Orton sneak his way around the stipulation, like he gives Rollins an RKO on top of the cage, or even cooler he leapfrogs over Rollins as Rollins makes his way out the door of the cage, and RKOs him outside the cage.Fantasy RKOing aside, I dont see Orton winning the title. However, he is on such a hot streak since his return that I hope they dont throw cold water on it. Orton needs to have some sort of compelling spotlight on him, or hell lose interest. If hes not engaged in what hes doing, he just phones that sh-t in. I enjoy Randy Orton enjoying things.Though a cage match doesnt really suit these guys repertoires, neither wrestler is a stranger to a good old fashioned brawl – which is the only way to go in the cage. I want to see a spectacular, vicious showing from Rollins and Orton before the schmozz goes down which it will, given the recent Authority-related shenanigans. Look for some cruiserweight bumps from the hapless sidekicks, and I imagine, unfortunately, something from Kane.Winner Randy Orton somehow by DQJohn The winner of this match is going to be Seth Rollins because we know that he is likely going to have a four month reign at least leading to a SummerSlam match with Brock Lesnar. The question is, how will he retain the titleIts a tough one to guess. Based on the last few weeks, the best guess is that Kane is going to act like hes not really on Rollins side as the guardian of the gate in the match and then in the end when Rollins wants him to cheat, Kane will do it to show that hes still on the same page with Rollins. They can save the Kane face turn for another time, but I think hes going to remain a heel here.As for the match, I expect it to be really good because their other matches have been. The WrestleMania match only went 15 minutes. This one should get about 20-25 minutes. The no-RKO thing will be weird for them to work around because its such a huge spot for Orton and without it there might be less crowd interest in what he does. Most likely well see Orton hit a RKO or two after the match after hes screwed out of the win.Rollins will retain thanks to Kanes help when Orton is about to escape the cage. Poor Orton is booked like an idiot thinking that there wont be interference because theres a cage. Its not like Rollins is going to win clean, so thats the way it has to go.Winner Seth RollinsFinal ThoughtsJohn The top three matches are predictable because we all know Rollins, Cena and Reigns are going to win. Everything else has a chance for less predictable finishes. Its one of those shows where if the right matches get a lot of time then they have a shot to deliver a better than average show. The Chicago crowd will certainly help.Since I will be at Extreme Rules I wont write about it live TJRWrestling.net on Sunday night although Matty J. Douglas said that he can post about it live, so he will do that. My review will be up a day or two after the show.Follow us on Twitter at the following places.Matt – MJDP_GSEHeather – kickyhickJohn – johnreport If you want to send an email, send it to me at mrjohncantongmail.com as well. Thanks for reading.
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Reflecting On TNA Sacrifice 2014

By CJ Blaze

The Wolves Sacrifice 14

On April 27, 2014, TNA aired their second pay-per-view of the year, Sacrifice. The first half of 2014 was an interesting time for TNA. MVP and The Wolves debuted. Magnus won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Sting left. Bobby Lashley returned. Willow had his way. So, here we are, one year later. It would be an understatement to say things have changed, as far as the six-sided ring, performers, and television deal. This time period stands out as “stale” to me. The word negative also comes to mind. Despite this, TNA managed to put on a rather decent pay-per-view with Sacrifice. Who wants to take a trip down memory lane?

The show kicked off with The Wolves challenging The BroMans for the TNA Tag Team Championships in a 3-on-2 No Disqualification match. The Wolves had already won the titles once at a TNA live event in February 2014. The BroMans managed to take it back just a few weeks later in Japan. What we saw in this match was ten long minutes of these guys showcasing their skills to kick the pay-per-view off. In the end, The Wolves overcame the odds and won their second TNA Tag Team Titles. This had to be the best way to start the show.

I’ll never forget asking the other readers and fans in the Sacrifice Open Thread what a Committed Match was. And they had no clue either! Mr. Anderson and Samuel Shaw had been feuding for awhile now. Christy Hemme was also involved. Sam Shaw was not someone you wanted to be around. Mr. Anderson took it upon himself to make sure Shaw ended up in the crazy house, and that’s exactly what happened. Shaw wasn’t seen or heard from for awhile after this match.

The third match on the card was one that received a bit of criticism. Willow and Kurt Angle were set to team up against the duo of Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud. Angle had only returned a few weeks prior on Impact (And as we know, would only be around for less than a month after Sacrifice due to injury). I don’t remember seeing much build for this on TV. The match wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t great. Spud was left alone in the ring as Willow and Angle finished him off, while EC3 watched in disgust from the ramp. All I can say is thank goodness the Willow character is no longer around.

Next up was the final match in the Best of 3 Series for the X-Division Championship pitting Tigre Uno against Sanada. Oh, how I miss the days where the X-Division was more than an after-thought. This was a perfect X-Division Championship pay-per-view match. It didn’t really have an actual story, however, it had a purpose. In my opinion, this was Tigre Uno’s best televised match to date, which is kind of sad. Tigre Uno is underrated and underutilized. Sanada retaining made sense and he continued to reign as X-Division Champion throughout the summer.

The longest and best match on the card saw Gunner and James Storm going at it once again, this time in an I Quit Match. What was so good about this one? Gunner and Storm were friends and even Tag Team Champions. There came a point where Storm didn’t like that Gunner was making a run for the World Title, so James did something about it. That culminated in a Last Man Standing Steel Cage Match at Lockdown in March. The feud continued until Sacrifice, where both competitors were putting it all on the line. This match was so brutal, and featured many different hardcore spots. One of the best parts of the match was Gunner’s face being covered in blood, yet, he didn’t quit. He was a true fighter. In the end, Gunner managed to score another win, just like he did at Lockdown, over his former partner.

The other thing I wanted to touch on with this match, was the fact that Gunner picked up two big wins over Storm, but it was Storm who remained in regular storylines and TV appearances. Gunner continued to float in the midcard with Mr. Anderson and Chris Melendez during the summer of 2014.

Just look at this incredible photo on Storm holding Gunner in a submission! This isn’t something we get to see in WWE or TNA these days:

Gunner Sacrifice 14

Madison Rayne defended her Knockouts Championship against Angelina Love. The newly-reformed Beautiful People were after Rayne in a big way. Rayne didn’t want to join them, so Love and Velvet Sky took matters into their own hands. Love earned her title shot by winning a four-way number one contender’s match on Impact. The match was decent. In the end, Angelina Love emerged victorious, winning her record-breaking sixth Knockouts Title.

In the first main event of the evening, Bully Ray was set to take on Bobby Roode in a Tables Match. This feud was started at Lockdown when Bully cost Team Dixie the win when he slammed Roode and then put him through a table. I finally started watching Impact weekly at the very beginning of April. Looking back on it, I don’t remember any build for this match on TV. Was there much build? The match was a good one. There was also a very memorable spot where the referee, Brian Stiffler, was supposed to be hit by Roode’s feet, but Stiffler wasn’t in the right spot, and didn’t get hit, but sold the spot after a second of contemplating what to do! The finish saw Dixie Carter come out “disguised” as an old man, and ended up costing Bully Ray. Roode won, but did we ever see him much after this pay-per-view? Nope.

Eric Young World Champ

Finally, it’s main event time. Eric Young shockingly captured the World Title from Magnus just weeks before the pay-per-view, in the main event of Impact. I wasn’t very familiar with Young or Magnus at the time, so I didn’t care a whole lot to see the rematch this soon, because it felt obvious who was going over. The match turned out to be worth-watching. It was a good back-and-forth contest from bell to bell. As I expected, EY retained his World Title.

The pay-per-view received mixed feelings all across the board. Some fans liked some things, while others were in disgust with the way the company was going. I continued to watch and dedicate my time to TNA during the summer, and I’m glad I did. I found several talented wrestlers that I never knew about, because I primarily just watched WWE. I didn’t mention this before, but I will now – This was my first TNA pay-per-view. Was it the best? No. But I thought it was worth watching for multiple reasons.

What did you think of Sacrifice? Do you still watch TNA now? I’d love to hear from you below in the comments area.

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