Rollins’ RAW Interview (Video), JR Questions WM31

By Ryan Clark

– It was announced during RAW that Daniel Bryan will face Kane in a casket match on Thursday’s live episode of WWE Smackdown. This match makes for the third straight televised match between the two (not counting the Royal Rumble)

The Royal Rumble is available for pre-order on Amazon. It is set for release on February 24th.

Jim Ross posted the following in his latest blog, questioning the concept of giving the WrestleMania main event to the Royal Rumble winner:

“Perhaps its just me but is getting an automatic Title berth at WrestleMania a good idea for the Rumble match winner? Am I over thinking this matter or does the stipulation really narrow the field to only a small handful of viable candidates?”

– Here’s Seth Rollins’ interview from RAW tonight:


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Finn Balor Injury Update, Ziggler Update & More

By Ryan Clark

– It was reported earlier that Finn Balor got this past weekend’s NXT live events off in order to deal with an ankle injury. Balor posted the following pic of him in skiis at WWE Headquarters so it would seem that he is only taking a brief amount of time off.

#Snowmageddon2015 #RAW

— Finn Bálor (@wwebalor) January 27, 2015

Dolph Ziggler posted the following to Twitter about Daniel Bryan’s elimination in the Royal Rumble on Sunday:

Yo DB, was pulling for you, brother.
but if you really want to steal the show #Wrestlemania Im right here
& way angrier

— Dolph Ziggler (@HEELZiggler) January 27, 2015

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WWE RAW Results (1/26) – Snow-A-Geddon, More!

By Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, January 26th, 2015 (USA Network)
Location: The XL Center in Hartford, CT
Results by Matt Boone

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

Voiceover speaks about the Road to Wrestlemania hitting an unforeseen detour, including the mayor’s explanation, and a few news clips making it seem more like the beginning of The Day After Tomorrow than RAW.

Cole and Booker T are at the headquarters for the show, and JBL is on a piss break so we’ll see him soon. Cole calls the storm “The Blizzard of 2015.” Calm down, Cole. Cole drops the adage, The Show Must Go On. Cole brings up the Triple Threat from last night, and we get it in its entirety. Plus, Brock Lesnar is here live with an Exclusive Interview.

Cole says that the Royal Rumble Match will also be played in its entirety, tonight.

Cole brings up JBL and compares him to Al Roker. Apparently, JBL is on the roof of WWE Headquarters, and he’s there with a white board, drawing the sun. JBL looks cold. He jokingly says it’s 85 degrees, and not to forget our sunscreen…if we’re in Tahiti. He is the only one outdoors, says JBL. He has climbed up with a camera man. You want a forecast, this is going to be a RAW we’ve never ever seen. He’ll be heading in soon, and here’s the Triple Threat from last night!

Question: Would you rather I post Slimmer’s recap here for your viewing, or recap it myself?

Match 1: Brock Lesnar vs John Cena vs Seth Rollins
We start real quick with Brock Suplexing Cena like a boss, while Rollins heads to the outside Brock stares Seth down, then gives Cena another Suplex. Rollins takes advantage and attacks, but Brock gets him up, only for J&J to attack! Brock dispatches them both quickly, then gets attacked by Cena. Brock makes short work of a foul attempted AA and sends Cena flying. He brings in Seth the hard way and locks up for a German. Hits it like nothin. Brock with a normal suplex to Cena, then he locks behind Seth and hits another German, this time having Seth land on his left arm. Brock with a German to Cena!

Brock with a right hook to the gut of Cena while the crowd chants for ECW. Brock locks in the Kimora, but Cena tries to power out! Seth is up in the corner! He flies with a knee, wedging in between both men!! Seth with kicks to Brock! He lands on the head, then a few in the gut. Right hands to the kneed Brock, but he’s up quickly and hits a knee. Cena is up. We get a double team into a suplex to Brock! Cena no sells! AA to Lesnar!!! Seth tosses Cena to the outside and covers! 1….NO!!! Brock KICKS OUT AT 1!!!! Brock knees Cena, then hits Seth again, and rolls him to the outside. Snap suplex to Cena, sending him to the outside as well! Brock is BEAST!!! He gets sent to the outside. Cena and Rollins are alone in the ring. Cena tries to go through his move, and the crowd is all like “FUCK YO COUCH!” Cena goes down for the YOU CANT SEE ME, but Brock locks the hips and hits a GERMAN!! Another German, and he ain’t lettin go! He’s ready for another one, but Rollins hits a hard kick to Brock’s head. Rollins with a knee to Brock, sending him to the outside. Cena with an AA! He pins! 1…2…NO!!!! We get a commercial break…

We return to Seth hitting the Blockbuster off the top rope and pinning, only for Brock to break the pin. He attacks the back of Seth, drops a forearm on his head, then sends Seth back to the outside. Cena is up, tries for a clothesline, but Brock ain’t havin it. Cena goes for another. Brock still stands. Cena’s third clothesline sends Brock to the floor but Seth is there to pull Cena out from under the ring! Seth hops up top, Brock stands! Seth flies! F-5!!!!!!! Brock covers! 1..2…….NO! Cena is there to break it up! Brock stares down Cena and gives him a bit of a beatdown before heading to the outside. Seth is laid out near the ring. Brock goes to the Spanish Announce Table and breaks el television for no good reason. That’s coming out of one of your millions, Brock! Brock goes back in the ring! AA from Cena!! ONE MORE AA from Cena!! A THIRD AA!!! Cena covers! 1…2…..NO! Seth pulls the leg!! He tosses Cena into the steps then rushes into the ring! He hits the ropes! CURBSTOMP! Pin for 1…2…NO!!!

Brock is made of Adamantium!! He stands! He heads to the outside! Cena and Rollins are knocked out in the ring. Brock is near the timekeeper’s area. Cena heads to the outside! HE SPEARS BROCK INTO THE BARRICADE!!! Brock stands! Cena can’t believe it! Cena tosses Brock into the steps hard! Cena feels his job is complete! But just in case, Cena grabs the steps and sends them directly into the skull of Lesnar, sending him prone on the announce table! Seth with a baseball slide to Cena! Cena is down! Seth sees BROCK! He hops up top!!

After a break, we return to the match and Rollins is rolling Cena up for 1…2..NO! Superkick to the face of Cena. Cover for 1…2..NO! Cena up in the corner. Seth runs. He gets caught up in the firemans! AA attempt! Seth lands on his feet! Cena lifts up! POWERBOMB! Pin for 1…2…NO! Cena scoots Seth to the apron, lifts him up on the outside, and pulls him upward for a suplex, presumably. Seth prevents it, grabs the head, rakes the eyes, then we get a sunset flip attemp—no, it’s a powerbomb to the opposite turnbuckle! BINK goes Cena’s head! Pin for 1….2…NO! Cena is able to lock in the STF, but Rollins reaches for the bottom rope! He’s nearing it! J&J are here!!! They attack Cena and break the hold. Rollins pins Cena. 1….2…NO!

Another commercial leads us to Seth getting ready to bash Cena with the briefcase. He goes for the shot, but Cena sends him over the top rope instead. J&J are in the ring. Cena sets both of them up for the AA at the same time! He hits both! Rollins runs for the briefcase shot, though. Cena with an AA!! Seth with a kickout at 2.67!!!! Cena and Rollins battle it out with right hands, boos, and yeahs! Rollins with a spinning kick to the gut. Hits the ropes. Fireman’s from Cena. Enziguri hop off from Rollins! He hits the ropes! CURBSTOMP!! Pin for 1…2…NO!!! Rollins is shocked and awed. Rollins goes up to the corner! Rollins with the Pheonix Splash!!! He’s about to pin! BROCK IS UP!!! He breaks the pin! He goes for a suplex, but ROllins lands on his feet!
Briefcase to the head! Again!!! He goes for the curbstomp on the briefcase, but Brock STANDS! F-5!!! Pin for 1…2…3!!!
Official Result: Brock Lesnar
The sole reason to watch Royal Rumble just happened. Amazing.
RATING: ****1/2

We’re back to the studio, and Cole questions who will face Brock. Aside from Brock, we’ll get an exclusive interview with Roman Reigns where we will get his thoughts on the Rumble, and the reaction. Aside from that, we’ll get an interview from Seth.




Back, and Cole is here with Rollins. Cole wants to talk first about the return of The Authority, and how he was rewarded the spot in the triple threat. Did he deserve that spot? Rollins seems angry, says his performance last night will speak for itself. Not only did he deserve it, he did everything he could to win and walk out as champ. Cole wants to show the world one of the highlights, starting with a curbstomp to Brock. Rollins is frustrated. He says for the past month, even more, he has put Brock down with a curbstomp or two. It was put down everyone before Brock. He thought for sure it would get the job done. It didn’t work, though, so it lead him to jumping off the corner and breaking Brock’s ribs. Was it over then?

Rollins says it’s a triple threat match, so there was someone else to worry about. At that point, all he wanted to do was eliminate Brock. He needed Brock out of the match. He’s very comfortable on the top rope. But that didn’t last long. We get a pic of Rollins flipping in the air, possibly ending Cena, but Brock came into the ring to retain. How shocked was Rollins? Rollins knew that the Pheonix Splash was going to end the match. Rollins calls the move by name. He knew he had the title then.

Cole wants to know what would happen if he met Brock one – on – one. Rollins will admit that he underestimated Brock. He thinks, though, that Brock underestimated him as well. Brock may be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but he doesn’t have the MITB contract. He’s got a plan B. Cole thanks Rollins for his time, but Rollins hears that Brock is here next? ha! He says if Brock wants his time for his interview, and this seat, then he’ll have to kick Seth off of it.


We’re back, and Seth is still sittin in the seat. Brock walks up!! He says the chair is his. Seth brushes the chair off, then just pushes it aside and walks off. A stage hand grabs a chair, and another for Heyman. Brock says he sees Seth is a bit upset after getting his ass beat. Cole congratulates Brock, calls the match incredible. He asks how Brock is feeling. Brock says it is true that his rib is broken, but when the time comes to win, he gets through it. Cole brings up the incident right now with Seth. Is this coming from the odds with The Authority?

Heyman says they are not at odds with The Authority. They need an attraction, the answer is Brock Lesnar. If The Authority has a problem with someone, the answer to that is Brock Lesnar, and as long as they continue to pay what he is worth, Lesnar is for hire. They exploit each other. It’s business. Cole mentions the role of Brock since 2012, then brings up the fact that Brock broke the Streak. Cole wants to take us back.

Video Package time.

Cole says Taker has made an entire career out of mindgames. This didn’t seem to bother Brock, how did he overcome that? Brock says the same way he’s done it his entire life. NCAA, UFC, WWE, SABLE. He respects no one. He is The Beast. Plain and Simple. Heyman wonders why this surprises people. Cena, the face of the generation, so what? Rollins, the future, so what? There is no one with the credentials that are carried by Brock. That’s why he pronounces his name, because he is once in a lifetime. What he brings at every single match…that’s why they’re can’t miss and must see.

Cole brings up Roman Reigns. Brock is happy for Roman. Good for him. He hopes Roman is up for the challenge. Brock is on a roll, baby. He’s like a steam roller. And when it’s got momentum going, get out of his way. Cole brings up Mania. He asks Heyman if Reigns can stop his client. Heyman says No, bluntly. Heyman wonders when Cole will talk to Roman. Cole says later tonight. Brock says perhaps he can meet Roman.

JBL has joined Cole and Booker. They talk for a bit about Brock and whether Reigns has a chance or not. JBL says he has a chance, but it ain’t a good one. Cole introduces the Rumble match, and we go to Lillian.

Match 2: The Royal Rumble Match
Courtesy of Scott Slimmer

The Miz is #1. R-Truth is #2. Truth locks in a side headlock and then drops Miz with a shoulder tackle. Truth whips Miz over the top rope, but Miz lands on the ring apron. Miz whips Truth over the top rope, but Truth lands on the ring apron. Truth connects with a spinning heel kick and heads up top, but Miz knocks him off balance to crotch him. BUBBA RAY DUDLEY IS #3! Bubba levels Miz and holds him as Truth hits the Whassup? headbutt form the top. TRUTH! GET THE TABLES! Truth doesn’t get any tables, but Bubba and Truth do hit Miz with the 3D. Bubba tosses Miz and Truth to become the only man in the ring. Luke Harper is #4. Bubba and Harper stare each other down before brawling. Bubba eventually takes control, but he’s about to become outnumbered. Bray Wyatt is #5. Wyatt and Harper double team Bubba. “We want D-Von! We want D-Von! We want D-Von!” Wyatt and Harper take control of Bubba, and Wyatt eliminates him. Curtis Axel is #6. Axel starts to head down the ramp, but Erick Rowan attacks him from behind. Rowan charges into the ring and stares at Wyatt and Harper. Rowan isn’t actually in the match, but he’s looking for payback. Wyatt and Harper set their sights on Rowan, but suddenly Harper turns on Wyatt. Harper and Rowan beat down Wyatt, but Wyatt regains control and tosses them both. Wyatt is not the only man in the right. THE BOOGEYMAN IS #7. Wyatt stares down Boogeyman and does the crab walk to grab the mental advantage. Wyatt whips Boogeyman out of the ring and is once again the only man in the ring. Sin Cara is #8. Sin Cara hits a springboard elbow shot to Wyatt, but Wyatt regains control with Sister Abigail and eliminates Sin Cara. ZACK RYDER IS #9. Ryder lands a double knee shot to the face and follows up with a drop kick from the second rope. Ryder looks strong for about thirty seconds, but soon enough Wyatt eliminates him as well. DANIEL BRYAN IS #10. Ladies and gentlemen, business is about to pick up. It’s all Bryan for 90 seconds, but he has trouble lifting Wyatt over the top rope. Fandango is #11. Fandango lands a drop kick to Bryan and whips him to the corner. Fandango goes for a back suplex, but Bryan floats over and lands on his feet. Bryan connects with a kick to the back of the head and follows up with an airplane spin. Tyson Kidd is #12. Kidd hits Bryan with a springboard drop kick and then goes right after Wyatt. Kidd whips Fandango to the corner and takes him up top. Bryan hits Fandango with a running drop kick, and Kidd follows up with one of his own. Bryan and Kidd charge each other and connect with simultaneous crossbodies. Stardust is #13. Stardust delivers a springboard elbow shot to Kidd and tries to eliminate Fandango, but Fandango skins the cat back into the ring. Fandango tries to eliminate Stardust, but Stardust skins the cat back into the ring. Daniel Bryan back suplexes Kidd over the top rope to eliminate him. Wyatt rolls out of the way (without eliminating himself), so Bryan takes him out with a suicide dive between the ropes (also without eliminating himself). Diamond Dallas Page is #14. That man is nearly 60 years old, and he looks amazing. Freaking yoga. Page hits Stardust with a Diamond Cutter and follows up with a Diamond Cutter to Fandango from the top rope. Wyatt blindsides Page but eats a Diamond Cutter of his own. Rusev is #15. Page goes for a Diamond Cutter on Rusev, but Rusev counters into a side kick and eliminates Page. Rusev eliminates Fandango, so we’re down to Wyatt, Bryan, Stardust, and Rusev. Bryan levels Wyatt and Rusev with a double drop kick from the top. Bryan kicks both Rusev and Wyatt in rapid succession, but Rusev retaliates with a side kick to stop Bryan’s momentum. Rusev whips Bryan over the top rope, but Bryan lands on his feet on the ring apron. WYATT CHARGES BRYAN AND KNOCKS HIM OFF THE RING APRON TO ELIMINATE HIM.

Well then. Goldust is #16. The crowd is still chanting for Daniel Bryan. Stardust tries to eliminate Goldust, but Goldust hangs on to save himself. Kofi Kingston is #17. Kingston immediately heads up top and lands a crossbody to Goldust and Stardust. Wyatt catapults Kingston over the top rope, but Kingston hangs on. Wyatt clotheslines Kingston back over the top rope, but again Kingston hangs on. Adam Rose is #18. Rusev launches Kingston out of the ring, but the Rosebuds catch him. Kingston crowd surfs around the ring on the Rosebuds before making his way back to the ring apron, but Rusev kicks him off the apron to finally eliminate him. Roman Reigns is #19. Goldust and Stardust go after Reigns, but Reigns quickly eliminates them both. We’re down to Wyatt, Rusev, and Reigns. Big E is #20. Rusev, Wyatt, Reigns, and Big E all brawl. Damien Mizdow is #21. Miz rushes down to the ring and says that he’s taking Mizdow’s spot, but Reigns knocks Miz off the ring apron. Mizdow enters the match, but Rusev quickly eliminates him.

Jack Swagger is #22. Swagger his Rusev with the Swagger Bomb, but Wyatt holds Swagger so that Rusev can retaliate. Wyatt and Rusev double team Swagger as Reigns works over Big E in the opposite corner. Ryback is #23. Ryback levels all five men in the ring. Ryback damn near decapitates Rusev with the Meat Hook Clothesline. Swagger squares off with Big E as Rusev goes after Reigns. Kane is #24. Kane immediately goes after Reigns but then beats down Rusev as well. Kane tries to eliminate Ryback, but Ryback holds on and lands on the ring apron. Wyatt splashes Reigns in the corner. Dean Ambrose is #25. Ambrose charges right at Kane and goes the ground and pound. Ambrose heads up top and connects with a crossbody to Kane. Ambrose tries to toss Rusev but can’t lift the big man. Big E gets Ryback over the top rope, but Ryback lands on the apron and slide back into the ring.

Titus O’Neil is #26. Reigns and Ambrose double team O’Neil and eliminate him in just four seconds (but don’t worry, Santino’s record is still intact.) Ambrose goes after Wyatt as Big E goes after Rusev. Bad News Barrett is #27. Barrett goes after Ambrose, but Ambrose fights back. Barrett tries to eliminate Ambrose, but Reigns makes the save. Kane and Ryback are brawling in the corner, as are Rusev and Swagger. Ambrose tries to eliminate Barrett, but Barrett won’t go. Cesaro is #28. Cesaro starts delivering uppercuts to everyone in the ring. Ambrose charges Cesaro but eats a pop-up uppercut. Rusev tries to eliminate Big E, but Big E gets his foot on the ring apron. Rusev continues his assault on Big E and finally knocks him off the apron to eliminate him. Big Show is #29. Everyone in the ring goes after Big Show, but he shoves them all away. Kane and Big Show eliminate Ryback, and Show follows up by eliminating Swagger. Dolph Ziggler is #30.

Ziggler goes after both Show and Kane, which probably isn’t all that smart. Barrett charges Ziggler, but Ziggler dumps him over the top rope to eliminate him. Ziggler and Cesaro spill to the ring apron, but Cesaro super kicks Cesaro off the apron to eliminate him. Ziggler heads up top and flies at Show and Kane, but Show lands a mid-air Knockout Punch. Show and Kane eliminate Ziggler and immediately follow up by eliminating Wyatt. The final four are Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Big Show, and Kane. Reigns is bleeding heavily from the mouth. Reigns and Ambrose try to toss Show, but Kane makes the save. Show choke slams Ambrose, and Show and Kane easily dump Ambrose over the top rope to eliminate him. “Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!” This crowd is, um, not happy. Reigns tries to take on both Show and Kane, but that’s a tall order. Kane tries to dump Reigns, but Reigns grabs an arm to start pulling Kane over the top rope. Show makes the save… or was he trying to eliminate Kane? Kane thinks Show has turned on him and attacks. Kane and Show try to eliminate each other, but Reigns comes from behind to eliminate them both and win the match. Show and Kane rush back into the ring and attack Reigns… BUT THE ROCK IS HERE! Rock rushes the ring, levels Show, and delivers the People’s Elbow to Kane. Reigns delivers a Superman punch to Show, and Rock follows up with a Rock Bottom. Suddenly Rusev appears, and it turns out he was never actually eliminated.

Rusev charges Reigns, but Reigns whips him over the top rope to finally eliminate him and formally win the match.
Official Result: Roman Reigns
There were so many LITTLE things wrong, even before the ending.
RATING: *1/2

The Rock congratulates Reigns in the ring, but Triple H and Stephanie McMahon suddenly appear on the stage. They are slightly less happy than the crowd. And the crowd is not happy at all. It’s going to be Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.

Thanks Slimmer!

Sorry guys, decided to grab a burrito.

Still a few spots left for BINGO!

Interview with Daniel Bryan tonight regarding his loss at the Rumble, but before that we’ll get Roman Reigns!

Back in the studio, and JBL is talking about Reigns now being the MAN. This sends us to Byron Saxton talkin to Reigns. He congratulates Reigns. Some audio issues are apparent. Saxton says some are claiming REigns isn’t ready. Reigns says everyone is entitled to their opinion. He has never claimed to be the most experience guy, but he’s always been able to handle the deep end. He brings up his father, and how his dad tosses him to the deep end of a pool to learn how to swim. He parallels this with his career, comes off genuine.

Saxton brings up the crowd in Philly. Reigns, as a child, did not picture his win at the Rumble to be what it was. He was hoping for a warmer response. All those fans in Philly paid to watch, so they can cheer or boo whoever they want, as long as he wakes up and can perform, he’s happy. Fair? Nobody is worried about fair. Speaking of fair, there are critics that believe Reigns has been handpicked. Reigns wants to look at it this way, if he was handpicked, he would have to say thanks for the opportunity but that’s what it is…an opportunity. No matter what happens, he has to do this by himself, perform, deliver, so regardless of what happens…if an opportunity is present, you must take advantage and you will either capitalize or you won’t. Only time will tell.

Saxton brings up Kane and Show and how after eliminating them, Reigns was helped by The Rock. Reigns never really put out the fact that they are related, but he is extremely proud of his family, his cousins, his uncles, etc. That’s where he is from. He was born in this business. He was fed by the WWE. The greatest thing he can do is return the favor to his family. He can’t wait to headline Mania in front of his father. He’s looking forward to meeting Brock Lesnar face to face at Mania, and tonight.

Thanks for your time, Roman!

Apparently we have an announcement for Cena regarding Fastlane.

We are taken back to lastnight where Cena was interrupted by Rusev and their interaction. This, apparently, warrants a match for Rusev vs John Cena. Cole even mentions that this was to happen at Mania.

Cole takes us back to RAW last week where Cena won against Rollins due to Sting appearing for the first time ever on RAW.

Triple H calls out Sting for a face to face confrontation at Fast Lane.

Next, we will see who the latest inductee of the 2015 Hall of Fame is.

It’s Ah-nold.

We get a look outside, and Dean Ambrose is walking towards the building. He makes his way inside as we go to commercial.

Backstage, Saxton finds Dean Ambrose. They asked how he got here. Ambrose said he took a nice walk after last night, all the way from Hartfort. Saxton says he’s not dressed for a Blizzard. He woke up this morning hopped in a back of a pick up truck, sat on hay, got off the freeway, nearly lost a finger, and made it here to headquarters to prove a point…that point: his adventure here is not unlike the road to Mania. He loves dangerous conditions. No matter who or what is in front of him, he will make it to Wrestlemania.

Backstage, Renee Young with her super cute haircut is here with Daniel Bryan. Bryan is doing great, he says. Around this time last year, he and the Universe created a thing called the Yes Movement, then he headlines Mania and wins thetitle. How was that for Bryan? For Bryan, it was amazing. He dreamt of Mania, of being a wrestler, but it was never supposed to be him. He didn’t even get a spot in the Rumble match last year, but he also says that power is never where it seems to be. The rich people claim to have the power, but the crowd gave him that opportunity. When he got that win, it was a win for the fans.

So Renee mentions his win, then brings up Kane’s attack, his absence, the title stripping. How was that? Bryan calls it all devestating. Bryan felt like he let down the fans. Can’t feel sorry for yourself, though, so ever since then, he has had to change his state of mind. He has to come back, get healthy, and win the title one more time.

Renee says he is back on that track, but he was eliminated pretty early on and the universe was pissed. What’s his reaction? The fans were dissapointed, but so was he. He was also disappointed that Reigns won. He considered Brock a perfect opponent, then brings up that he never lost that title. It’s the perfect story. This was his opportunity. But Bryan failed. That’s on him. Reigns saw an opportunity and he took it. Bryan didn’t take that opportunity. Granted, he didn’t have The Rock help him out, and the WWE never fed him as a kid. But if he can make the same sacrifices that he has made, that Ziggler and Ambrose has made, then he has no doubt Reigns can do wonderful things.

Renee brings up facing Kane in a casket match. Bryan says it favors Kane, but he’s not going to be denied, and after last night, Bryan is smiling but he is pissed the F off, yo. He will do anything that his body and heart can allow him to do because he needs to end this with Kane, and that’s exactly what he’s going to do.


We are BACK!

Reigns and Brock are sitting down together! Heyman interrupts Cole to shake the hands of Reigns. He says he respects him, and with his permission, he would like to conduct the interview. Reigns gives him a bit of a staredown then says he has nothing to hide. Heyman, thankfully, kicks Cole out! haha. Heyman asked Brock about this before because they heard his interview, and Heyman thinks Reigns knows this in the heart…Heyman has known Reigns’ family longer than he has known them. Heyman has known Reigns father since he was a child, and he has always respected them. He took Yokozuna’s first publicity pics. He witnessed Fatu (Rikishi) rise. He said everything in their blood is to go into the ring. Heyman knew him since he was a little boy in Florida. He’s proud of Reigns. He respects him greatly. He also knows The Rock.

More importantly, The Rock knows Brock Lesnar. Here’s a part that isn’t told in his family history. In 2002, The Rock was the top guy. The #1 guy. Everyone thought that would last forever, until the new guy came in. The Next Big Thing. A Rookie by the name of Brock Lesnar. And when that rookie Brock Lesnar got his hands on The Rock, he took the title away from The Rock. Then there was the rematch. Does Reigns Remember? No because there was never a rematch. One match with Brock was all The Rock could handle. ANd Heyman doesn’t understand why The Rock doesn’t share with him what he is up against. Your blood doesn’t tell him what he is fighting, who he is fighting. Heyman wants to know how Reigns is going to handle disappointing his family when he loses to Brock because he can’t beat Brock Lesnar. How will he handle that disappointment?

Reigns will answer that to Brock Lesnar. He knows who he is and what he is. He doesn’t think Brock knows him. Reigns is going to beat Brock at Mania. He’s going to take the title. They both know it. If he can’t, then he’ll take a piece of Brock with him. He believes that, and so should Brock. Brock stands, gets in the face of Reigns. Extends his hand. Reigns shakes it. Brock says unlike Heyman, he has no respect for Reigns.

“But you will.”


End Show!

What Happened *AFTER* RAW Ended – HUGE SEGMENT w/ Ex-WWE Star – You’ll NEVER Believe Who It Was!! An **ABSOLUTE SHOCKER**!!!! + Report: Vince McMahon *IRATE* At RAW This Week ….

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PHOTOS: Michael Cole & Vince McMahon At WWE HQ

By Ryan Clark

Here are a couple of photos of Michael Cole and Vince McMahon at WWE Headquarters before RAW, with Cole in the studio and Vince out in the snow with members of the crew:

#RAW announcer @MichaelCole is at @WWE HQ, getting ready for tonight’s special broadcast, LIVE at 8/7c @USA_Network!

— WWE (@WWE) January 26, 2015

Getting ready for Monday Night #Raw. #Blizzard

— Vince McMahon (@VinceMcMahon) January 27, 2015

100% DIRECT LINK (PHOTOS): Maria Menounos Smokin’ In A Bikini!!! **BOOTY** – MUST-SEE & BRAND NEW!!

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The First Match For WWE’s ‘Fast Lane’ PPV Confirmed

By Ryan Clark

On The Authority’s new Twitter account, two big announcements were made for WWE Fast Lane. The account announced that John Cena will face Rusev at the pay-per-view and that Triple H will challenge Sting to “meet face to face” at the show.

EER Fast Lane takes place on February 22nd at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee.

Per the Office of The Authority and COO @TripleH:
@JohnCena will face @RusevBUL at the #WWEFastLane on the @WWENetwork. @WWE

— The Authority (@WWEsAuthority) January 27, 2015

Per The Authority: @WWE COO @TripleH has challenged @Sting to meet face to face at #WWEFastLane Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015 on the

— The Authority (@WWEsAuthority) January 27, 2015

100% DIRECT LINK (PHOTOS): Seth Rollins & His *REAL-LIFE* Girlfriend!

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The New King of the Ring!

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