Jim Ross: ‘TNA Is Being Irresponsible Not Addressing Reports’

By Ryan Clark

UPDATE x 2: In a recent blog on his JRSBARBQ.com website, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross says TNA is being “irresponsible” by not addressing the Destination America cancelling TNA iMPACT! Wrestling reports. We noted in our exclusive report the other day that TNA staff and talent hadn’t been told anything and they were worried about their futures. Multiple sources have told us that staff members and talent are frustrated as they are once again getting no information from TNA management and Dixie Carter. Jim Ross confirmed that in his most recent blog, stating:

“TNA not addressing the rampant TV rumors of their relationship with Destination America is irresponsible. I’ve talked to many within the company who have no idea what their future holds and that’s not good business. Silence speaks volumes more often than not in the wrestling business when it comes to communicating with talent and of that I speak from extensive experience.”

Another source told us, “the fact that they (the company) aren’t saying anything …. and Destination America isn’t outright denying the reports makes you believe there is some truth to it (the reports)..” Another source (a mid-card talent) directly asked us if we had any further information we would be able to give them as they were completely “in the dark” regarding their future.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

UPDATE: TNA President Dixie Carter has not addressed the TNA-Destination America issue with the TNA staff in Nashville, TN. She was in Texas over the weekend, but has a meeting scheduled with staff this afternoon. Many within the company are said to be unhappy that nothing has been said beyond the email/statement TNA issued last week.

Multiple sources have confirmed to us that the situation seems very similar to the SpikeTV issues last year where there was very little communication leaving talent and staff members in the dark and wondering about their long-term futures.

ORIGINAL: Here are the latest details on TNA’s situation with Destination America …

* Those within TNA were very upset with the cancellation reports going around last week and have denied that the network has told them anything. To be honest, they are absolutely correct as the network hasn’t told them anything and are denying the reports for obvious reasons (TV contracts, etc.). The same people were upset because Destination America had two representatives in Nashville all last week working on creative plans with Billy Corgan, John Gaburick and the rest of the creative team. These plans reportedly are for the rest of 2015.

* The two “upper management” officials from Destination America made it clear to Dixie Carter and other top TNA officials as well as their creative team that there needed to be some changes and ratings needed to increase by the end of 2015 (around the fall). For those unaware, Destination America has an “out clause” in the fall of 2015 where they can cancel iMPACT! Wrestling if they are not satisfied with the product and/or ratings.

* There was a plan last week to film an interview where Josh Mathews would sit down with Dixie Carter to respond to the reports. They dropped those plans and opted to release the statement that came out late last week. The feeling is that the statement should have come from Destination America, due to fans expecting wrestling promotions to work them or not tell them the truth. As you all know by now, this has happened before with TNA/SpikeTV. Destination America didn’t issue any statement and hasn’t denied the rumors which makes things even more suspicious. They are also refusing to respond to inquiries regarding the cancellation reports. Several Destination America sources have confirmed to us that they didn’t want the story out for obvious reasons once again (contracts, etc.). This was a “secret” internally among Destination America officials and they were shocked when the story surfaced online as only a select few people knew about it.

* There is a report going around (originally from Voices of Wrestling) which says that Dixie Carter accidentally cc’d a top Destination America executive in on an email complaining about the Network. This story has been going around internally and no one in TNA has outright denied this happened. A source in the company did say that relations between the two sides became strained after the email. The network wasn’t happy with the email and Destination America executives aren’t happy with the product and ratings. When initial talks to bring TNA Wrestling to the network began, TNA discussed “big ratings”, “home grown talent”, “big names on their shows”, etc. Obviously, they did everything possible to hype their product in hopes of landing a TV deal. Destination America representatives are not returning requests for comment on the Dixie Carter email.

* It should be noted that Destination America officials did NOT outright tell Dixie Carter or TNA management that they were cancelling TNA iMPACT! Wrestling during the meetings last week. They simply made it clear that they were not satisfied with the current product and ratings but hoped to be able to “turn things around.” As noted, they spoke with TNA’s creative team to see what could be done to improve the well below-expected ratings. The Destination American executives were very receptive in listening to TNA officials to see how they could improve the product/ratings.

* It should also be noted that the same thing happened with SpikeTV last year and TNA officials denied those stories as they simply hadn’t been told yet due to television contracts. SpikeTV kept things very secret until it was time to make an announcement. Many fear the same exact thing is happening here. Multiple Destination America officials have said privately that TNA won’t last on their network and will likely be booted by the end of the year unless things drastically change as far as ratings are concerned.

* The moral of the story is this: Destination America officials aren’t happy with the ratings. TNA isn’t thrilled with the network and what they are doing to promote their product. Also, remember what happened with SpikeTV when the company denied, denied and denied …. until they were finally notified that SpikeTV was cancelling them. Nobody, including some within TNA, believed those reports until an official announcement was made. The same thing seems to be happening here and TNA officials simply haven’t been notified it’s happening as of this writing. We’ll see what happens this fall and whether ratings increase, etc.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE (PART TWO) – Destination America Is Expected To Make The Cancellation Announcement …………. >>>>

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**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Results For Thursday

By Ryan Clark

Credit: Michael Bluth

WWE SmackDown! (Airing Thursday):

Dean Ambrose kicks off the show and talks about what happened on RAW and mentions Roman Reigns. Ambrose mentions Seth Rollins and Justin Bieber, getting a brief Bieber chant going. He talks about racing back to arena after being arrested and signing the contract. He talks about their fight for the richest price in the industry at Elimination Chamber. Ambrose and Reigns vs. Kane and Rollins is announced for tonight.

Sin Cara and Kalisto vs. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd is the first match. The Ascension, The New Day, Los Matadores and The Prime Time Players are at ringside acting as Lumberjacks. Multiple “New Day sucks” chants throughout the course of the match. There was a lot of involvement from the Lumberjacks. The Lucha Dragons get the win when Kalisto hit his finisher.

R-Truth vs. King Barrett is next with the Intercontinental Title on display at ringside. Truth wins with his STO finisher in a rather short match. Sheamus ran to the ring afterwards, hitting both Barrett and Sheamus with Brogue kicks.

– Renee Young interviews Lana backstage. Rusev interrupts and has words with Lana.

– Rusev vs. Ryback is next with the IC Title still on display. There were USA, “feed me more” and “we want Lana” chants throughout the match. Rusev hit a fall-away slam outside of the ring at one point. Rusev sells an ankle or foot injury. There was a lame ending with Ryback winning by DQ when Rusev sent him head first into the ring post. Trainers helped Rusev after the match.

Paige vs. Naomi with Tamina Snuka is next. Paige took out Tamina at ringside with a kick to the face and went on to defeat Naomi with the cradle DDT.

– Michael Cole comes out and brings Kevin Owens to the ring. He tells Cole he’s been in WWE for two weeks but has been wrestling for 15 years all over the world. Owens talks about John Cena and their match this Sunday. He says Cena has never beaten him and Cena needs to prove something to him. We get a look at Owens destroying Sami Zayn in NXT. Owens says if he did something that bad to someone he cared about, imagine what he will do to Cena.

– Reigns and Ambrose vs. Kane and Rollins is the main event. Reigns and Kane start off the match and Rollins sent Ambrose flying off the apron into the barricade. Rollins and Kane are sent out of the ring. Ambrose and Reigns go to attack them and bring them back in. Reigns and Ambrose win via DQ when J&J interfered after Reigns pinned Rollins following a Superman Punch.

The New Day run down and beat down Ambrose but Reigns takes them all out with a diving plancha. Dean and Roman clean house, leaving New Day laid out. Rollins and Kane beat down Ambrose. Rollins hits a Pedigree on Ambrose. Kane and Rollins end SmackDown.

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**SPOILERS** WWE Main Event Results For Wednesday

By Ryan Clark

Credit: WrestlingInc

WWE Main Event (Airing Wednesday):

The Prime Time Players defeated The Ascension when Titus O’Neil got the win for his team. Our correspondent noted there was nothing special to report here.

Zack Ryder defeated Heath Slater with the Rough Ryder.

Nikki Bella defeated Summer Rae in a non-title match. Nikki won with a Rack Attack on the second attempt. The Bella Twins were over with the crowd.

Bo Dallas comes out for commentary.

Adam Rose vs. Neville is next. Rose cuts a heel promo before the match and calls the fans stupid. Rose and Rosa Mendes go back and forth calling each other hot. Neville does his usual diving corkscrew plancha which gets a pop. Rose goes to work on the “hurt” knee of Neville. The majority of the match Rose was in control, working the hurt knee. Neville manages a comeback and hits a standing shooting star press. Rose takes control again. Neville rallies and the crowd is behind him. Bo Dallas stops Neville from hitting the Red Arrow the first time and Rose almost wins with a roll up. Neville ends up hitting Red Arrow for the win. Neville and Bo go at it and Neville sends him retreating. Neville was pretty over.

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Ex-UFC PR Head Recalls Brock Lesnar’s WWE Announcement

By Ryan Clark

Former UFC head of PR Jennifer Wenk spoke with MMAjunkie.com about Brock Lesnar’s decision to stay with WWE instead of going to the UFC, the twelve hours before he announced his decision and more. Check out the highlights:

On being notified that the decision had been made: “So it’s about ten o’ clock at night and I’m just about to get into bed and my phone rings, and I look at it and it’s a name I recognize and I answer the phone. And it’s Brock’s manager, and he said ‘Have you been following what’s going on in the news?’” And I said, “Eh, yeah I think so.’ He said ‘Well…Brock made a decision…and we want to announce it tomorrow.’ Keep it mind, it’s one o’ clock Eastern time…he’s like ‘So, Brock wants you to do it.’”

On planning out the announcement: “So we went through a few different scenarios right there and then on the phone. We talked about doing a press conference, we talked about doing a conference call, and a few different other ideas, but the biggest thing was that we didn’t want the news to leak. Which is why he called me to do it, because he knows I know the UFC very well and I knew the WWE very well. He wanted someone independent to make it so that he could announce it himself and break the news himself.”

On the day leading up to the announcement: “We got everything sorted out and Brock…I want to say it was around eleven o’ clock AM Pacific time, Brock calls me on the phone. And he’s like, ‘Dana White’s in the studio.’ I said, ‘What?’ He’s like ‘Dana White’s in the studio…what’s he doing there?’ And I’m like ‘I don’t know…you tell me what he’s doing there!’ And he’s like ‘I don’t know.’ And I’m thinking ‘Well, oh my God…he’s going to go back to the UFC because Dana’s there obviously doing his part. So I get a call while I’m on the phone and it’s Brock’s manager and he’s like ‘Paul Heyman’s at the SportsCenter studios with Dana…I’m like ‘What’s Paul Heyman doing there?’ And I went back to Brock and said ‘You know Paul Heyman’s there right?’ ‘Yeah, I know, he’s the one who told me.’ And I went back to Brian [Stegeman, Brocks manager] and said ‘Dana and Paul Heyman are there together…what’s going on?’ And he’s like ‘Did you book it?’ ‘No…do you think someone at SportsCenter told somebody?’ And I’m like ‘I don’t know!’ And so from eleven o’ clock until three o’ clock when he got there I was Googling and I was like, every thirty seconds waiting for it to leak.”

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VIDEO: ‘A Day In The Life Of DYoung’ – Details Inside

By Ryan Clark

Darren Young has released the documentary short that he has been working on lately. You can check out the short, “A Day in the Life of DYoung,” below.

The thirteen-minute video has Young talking with Sam Roberts about the effects that coming out as gay has had on him and his career and visiting his old stomping grounds. Speaking with Roberts, he said that CM Punk showed his support for Young after he publicly revealed his sexual orientation.

“He came up to me in catering and told me to stand up,” Young said. “I stood up, he gave me a hug, and he said ‘I’m proud of you. If you ever have any problems with anyone in the locker room, you let me know. I got your back.’ That meant the most to me.”

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